Healing from SRA: A Survivor’s Perspective, Part 3

This is Part 3 of a guest blog series written by Robyn Kranig. To visit Robyn’s website, Ritual Abuse Refuge, click HERE.

Having a loved one who committed evil deeds hurts. But when they flip from personalities that range from evil to Godly it gets confusing. Where do these people spend eternity? I asked.

I came from a long line of witchcraft. I objected to my family’s way of life. Childhood was hard. The only person who understood my decision not to renounce Jesus had the ability to change into what seemed to be another person and attack, without heart.   Even after her death this hurt me. It ached.

I did extensive research to gain a textbook understanding. Science only goes so far. I sought God for answers concerning her possible damnation. I needed to see that she made it home to her creator, where I knew she belonged. God sat with me and explained to me that his generosity was once again beyond my expectations.

Here are some things that I learned:

  • We were created by the creator.

He did a good job. The All Mighty is glorious beyond human understanding and gave us ways to cope with trauma. The enemy to mankind knows this and to control many. But in the end God always has his way. And it is just.

  • All illnesses are distortions.

The Enemy knows how the human mind works and therefore has twisted many against mankind. They break people’s hearts over and over until they stop feeling.

  • An alternate personality is not a person. It is a defense mechanism.

A person has a range of behaviors. They can be aggressive or passive, sweet, or mean. Human behavior fluctuates depending on the situation. We have a range of possible behavior within our own limits. An alternate personality is one thing. All mean, all sweet, all aggressive.

  • An alternate personality does what the person cannot.

My Loved one was all give. She did not have a mean bone in her body. She suffered with news of anyone’s misfortune. So, she formed a alter that did not care. The alter that I interacted with was the coldest, morally diluted thing that I have ever seen.

  • The Blood of Jesus can cover the sins that are committed by an alternate personality.

This was a hard aspect for me to face. If a person is a child of God, the wrong deeds that the commit while using this defense mechanism are covered by the blood of Jesus. As always, a person is required to live a life of repentance. Yet, if they do not remember or have control, they are forgiven. One cannot fool God and he knows their true heart. He has the power to do this and more.

  • God heals people from D.I.D every day. It is not a life sentence.

I have read what the scholars have to say. I have absorbed much of the scientific knowledge. But ultimately, I know the spiritual rules that govern these situations.  If he can make me whole again, he can do it for anyone. Nothing can separate a person from God if they choose him. He forgives even those who can remember.  He Loves us for who he knows who we will become and can swipe away all deeds as we turn toward him.



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