Healing from SRA: A Survivor’s Perspective, Part 2

Many faces of emotions

This is Part 2 in a guest blog series by Robin Kranig.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Ritual Abuse is mind control programming. Those who are active in occult activities operate with the use of these programs. Those who do not participate show signs of damage.

Science calls one of the results, dissociative Identity disorder. I am a ritual abuse survivor that did not develop this disorder. This is rare. However, I have a loved one who did. Understanding this was pivotal in my healing. I have done a significant amount of research, which explained this, somewhat. Dealing with this loved one was hard for me. She often seemed to be one that believed in me.  I spent many hours in prayer (conversation with God) and he explained it to me. My knowledge concerning this disorder has grown throughout my healing process.  I have gained an understanding.

During sessions of abuse, a person experiences more than they can handle, and they often break into pieces. This is not by accident; the kids are tortured until they break on purpose. When they are broken their will and ability to think independently dies.  They become moldable, twistable. At this point they are reformed as the enemy designs.

This is how the wicked procreate.

This happens in childhood for a reason. Adults have already formed standards of thought and are resistant to mind control programming.  So generally, the mind control programming is installed in childhood. However, adults can be tortured to reinforce already installed programming. Sometimes they just hurt people in order to achieve majik power.

Breaking a person in pieces is a big part of how they hide. A person’s countenance reflects their possible range of behaviors. So, they make alternates who can generate evil while maintaining the illusion that they are upstanding citizens. Those who abused me appeared to be fine Christian folk, during the day. They hide from us. Nothing is hidden from God; the enemy knows this.

They break a child’s heart over and over. The way of life that results is an abomination.  They will kill one of their children to strengthen the others. This is what they think Love is.  This is all they know.  And it is the churches job to show them that there is a better way.

Ritual Abuse is everyone’s problem. This is devastating to mankind. Those who have not been directly affected, are still affected. The world is corroded to the point that it is imploding, on purpose. They seem to be dominating the world because they are. It all seems so scary. Yet, I and many others have found refuge. The Kingdom of heaven is alive and well. Living a life of repentance blocks all attacks. I live a life of miracles, why would anyone choose a life of fear.

In all of this, always remember that darkness is only the absence of light. While some will not make it home to heaven, It is the churches job to shine so brightly that as many as possible will come to the kingdom of God.

Healing from ritual Abuse is beyond human capability. God is required.

Those of us, survivors who do not practice witchcraft are broken too. We however can heal.  But only if, God is active in our lives. It is more than a person could handle or these. It is the churches job to show witches how we have been made free. Healing is not possible without him.

God is generous beyond my expectations.

I had to let God put me in a bubble for two hours a day. Inside this bubble I felt safe enough to deal with each time that I was hurt. It is a long journey, but I get stronger as time goes by.

I have learned quite a few things. One of which is that healing begins with understanding. Exposing the wicked is good. However, the Truth leads to the truth. Finding healing requires submission to God. It is no more complicated than we make it.  It does require faith, time, and focus. Never, be mistaken healing hurts before it frees.


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