SRA Briefing: Guest Blog by SRA Survivor Robyn Kranig

God healed me from the damages of SRA, and He told me to share what He taught me to others. Part of this mission requires that I work with multiple survivors as they heal. I research, make videos, and I write a blog.


I learn something new every day.


This is my perspective on SRA and its effect on society as of January 2022. SRA is an extreme form of mind control programming, in which, a person’s ability to think independently is eliminated. While we must obey God, this is something we must choose to do through independent thought. If the enemy could flip a switch and kill all human independent thought, all of salvation would be lost. But thank God, he can’t!


Those SRA survivors who are coming forward have regained enough of their independent thought to recognize right from wrong; even though we are only a fraction of those who were victimized. Most are currently still under complete enemy control. There is an increasing flow of people who are coming forth with symptoms of SRA. This number suggests that this type of abuse is more common than we ever knew in the past.


Please be aware that this effects everyone. The same “lessons” I was taught during efforts to control my mind can be seen in most televisions shows. This includes all mass media.


The number of survivors who speak out publicly does not reflect the number of survivors that are truly out there; because most survivors either choose to remain silent or they are under heavy demonic attack.


We have come a long way. In the past, people with these symptoms were dismissed as insane. This is because we most often present with flashes of memories of what seem to be impossible events. Plus, we are bombarded with spells and demonic activity designed to discredit our experiences.


Today, this is not always the case as there is a support system growing as many survivors (whether they speak out publicly or not) have formed a support system. We are human, not saviors; but we can listen, believe, and guide them to The Truth—Jesus. He healed me and He is working in the lives of each survivor. I see signs of His involvement in each case.


Because SRA is mind control programming, our behavior is occult-controlled until we break free. The programming gears us toward sins like fear, self-condemnation, and hate; and these emotions block the biblical deliverance.


Many survivors are jumping from deliverance ministry to deliverance ministry. The occult has hidden traps inside of their victims that block repentance. This is both common and devastating, as the individual is often working hard to please God. They just have been programmed so that parts of them hold onto the destruction, and they don’t even know it.


God requires every part of us; but some people have parts that are programmed to hide. We also have parts that hold onto the suffering (and memories) for us so that we can operate normally. Most of these parts are children who need to be safe, loved, and recognized. Knowing the difference can be impossible. It requires survivors to seek God for instruction every step of the way.


These hidden parts are one major tool the enemy uses. These occult-programmed parts jeopardize deliverance and can even kill people as they approach salvation.


All of this leads us to where we must go. We, mankind, must submit fully to the will of the Almighty God. It really is that simple. Submission thwarts the enemy’s efforts and illuminates our ability to think independently so that we can truly choose Jesus.


Healing came for me in the most wonderful way. I asked Him to just make it all as if it never happened. But He choose another way. I sat with Him for four hours a day. Eventually, I let Him put me in a bubble where He started showing me what happened to me—each memory. Each instance of abuse was meant to instill programming, but when I recognized it, it went away. God is really good at deprogramming!


Our time of suffering ends because He lives.


We are not in heaven, our home. Until we get there, we fight a war that is not dominated by people or demonic forces; but a war in which freedom comes from submitting to Father God. For some of us, that it is harder than for others.


We are almost home.



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