Healing From SRA: A Survivor’s Perspective

In January, I had the privilege of meeting Robyn, an SRA survivor. Robyn is the trifecta of SRA survival. She has the first-hand experience; the ability to recall and articulate the experience through the gift of honest, yet winsome storytelling; and the love, humility, and willingness it takes to share her story with others. Fellow survivors, SRA mentors, friends, and the Church have much to learn from Robyn’s journey.

Without further ado, allow me to turn this over to Robyn.

SRA Healing Process
by, Robyn Kranig


Being born into a satanic family sucks. These people do not like it when one of their children refuses to renounce Jesus. Especially when they learn how to call on the name of the Lord. But that is what happened to me.

It is way worse for those who do renounce Jesus. They may have been taught magic, but the mind-control programming hardened their hearts; and just like those who trained us, they became unable to think independently.

I chose well. God never left me. As of now, my mental health status seems to be above average. Not just to the level of the average SRA survivor, but above average in general.

As you can guess, this is not something that I did on my own. On my own, I was a punching bag. Much of my healing has been graced to me. But most of this is a result of the fact that God taught me how to heal.

Like most, I held it all in for most of my adult life. But eventually I faced the truth. This has been horrible and glorious. As of now I have a great life and contribute much to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. All Glory to God.

Some things that I learned.

  1. He removes fear.

One of my first reactions was fear. I was paralyzed by fear that they would come and get me while I slept. This was done during my childhood.

After not sleeping for three nights. I began to pray about it. No, I should not have let it hurt so long before I addressed this with the All-mighty. But that is what I did. He waited for me to get enough of the pain. His generosity amazes me. This gets better. When I finally came around, He explained to me that, they don’t have a key to my house anymore and then removed the fear from me. I have my bad days. But, not for one moment have I feared them coming to get me while I slept. This was a true miracle and not the last one.

  1. When facts do not connect there is missing information.

Like many SRA survivors, I blocked out huge section of my childhood. I also gained the ability to block out whatever I did not want to deal with. In the beginning I let myself focus on childhood memories that I had always remembered but did not want to think about. Like seeing a person have a seizure while standing up. Or memorizing the Lords prayer without having read it. Remembering these impossibilities forced me to face that I had blocked out parts of events that I had always remembered. Patching together old memories with recovered memories has led to a constant flow of confirmation.

  1. Being still and knowing He is God is a requirement.

Sweating the light bill is a sin. I lived a life of chaos and this kept my head rattling all the time. Eventually I increased my prayer time to two hours a day and this led me to settle my thoughts and go onto to the next part of the process.

This is more than that.  I can’t think of anything more wonderful than to just sit with him.

  1. Schedule time for healing.

I was already praying for two hours a day. So, he had prepared me for this. I would lay in bed and hide under the covers and let myself focus on the missing information as he unfolded it. This was hard at first. I wanted and often did let my myself focus on these things during my work week. But it was like learning to ride a bike. I would fall away from the structure but then get back into gear. It got easier as time went by.

This led me to learn to look forward to my scheduled times. As a memory would come to me during my workday, I felt great comfort that I would be able to deal with it while in my scheduled periods. This took a massive weight off me as I was able to control my behavior throughout the healing process.

  1. Don’t do anything without him.

During this I was forced to be aware that all of heaven was on my side. I could not do anything without him. At the beginning of each healing session, I would ask all of heaven if they were ready to “go in” with me. They were always there with me and while it hurt like hell, I was cocooned in love. It took me a while but eventually I accepted this love and learn to never go without it.

I let all the memories come forth but only under his control. So I knew that what was happening was good and perfect.

My dependence on him during this period taught me to filter all things through reality as he shows me what it is. I never disassociated. I have my quirks, but I find that I am in better shape than most.

But this is not the real victory. I live a miraculous life and walk next to glory. Eventually I have found that being ritually abused gives me a front row seat to the glory of God.


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