The Joke’s on YOU, Truthers!

I am a bit stymied that a rather transparent bait-and-switch is going unnoticed by the “woke folk” in America. I am referring here, of course, to the recent Golden Globes hubbub, where liberals and conservatives alike are praising Ricky Gervais for his honest, hard-hitting, courageous monologue.

Folks, Ricky Gervais is a left-wing, loud-and-proud atheist. He is a multi-millionaire cog in the elite Hollywood machine. He is neither honest, nor courageous. He is a ratings-scoring jackpot hired by a dying network to put one last breath of air into the deflated lungs of the Golden Globe corpse.

If Ricky Gervais were really on “our side”

  • The Hollywood Foreign Press would pull the plug…NOT ask him back to host for the FIFTH time since 2010.
  • The mainstream media would not be re-playing clips of his monologue ad nauseum, giving him tons of exposure, kudos, high fives, and airplay. (This also includes the scripted “bad press” that is also meant to give more attention to Ricky’s career).
  • He wouldn’t have one friend left in Hollywood

If celebrities were truly offended by Gervais’ monologue, they would:

  • Have protested his being selected to emcee the show
  • Have started some silly hashtag movement on Instagram to get him fired before the gig
  • Have boycotted the Golden Globes and not shown up (as they have done in the past)
  • Not have been HOOTING with laughter in the background during all his jokes

If you listen to the monologue instead of watching it…you will easily pick up on the fact that despite a few canned, scripted, close-ups of a few celebrities with pouty or unamused expressions, the house was LIT UP with uncontrollable laughter.

During the pedophile jokes, there is audible belly laughter in the background. WHO in the world laughs at pedophilia? No one. Including celebrities. Because they aren’t laughing at Ricky’s jokes…they are laughing at YOU.

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Colbert, Dennis Miller…these are three of many guys who have a “double agent” dry wit. Colbert is out there utterly mocking the liberal left-wing agenda. His material is cathartic and hilarious. But the fact is, he IS a liberal and he is delivering those jokes—not at the expense of Democrats—but to merely let the world know how ridiculous Republicans sound when they say the same things.

Likewise, Gervais, whose whole livelihood depends upon staying in the good graces of the Hollywood hand that feeds him, is going to do whatever he needs to do to stay on their side. He is not delivering jokes out of concern or conviction—he himself gives this away plainly when he shrugs and tells the viewing audience repeatedly, “I don’t care.”  That message was not directed at the celebrities in the audience or at the Hollywood Foreign Press—that message was directed at us. Ricky Gervais, speaking on behalf of the entire Babylon Beast System, is telling tax-paying Americans, “We don’t care.”

Hollywood has been stripped of its tinsel veneer. Pandora’s Box has been opened. We found out about Harvey Weinstein, the casting couch, Jeff Epstein, the Lolita Express, Pizzagate, Frazzledrip, and Adrenochrome…and Hollywood’s response?

“We don’t care.”

Ricky Gervais’ monologue was Hollywood’s State of the Union address—impeccably scripted to inform the American public that no matter what we know, how much we find out, how much we do not consent—they do not care.

They will continue to do as they have always done. They will continue to get away with it. And they will continue to mock us for our hypocritical self-righteous indignation as we rail against it—all the while FUNDING the entire operation out of our own hard-earned paychecks because we don’t have enough real conviction to let go of our TV sets, blue ray players, or Netflix accounts.

WE PAID for all those Lolita Express flights to Epstein Island, America. The money that fueled that jet came out of our sweat and blood—our paychecks. For a mere $8.99 a month, WE shipped those young children overseas to their destruction. (Oh, but that’s not all! Order now and we’ll throw in this FREE monthly steaming service! Watch all the movies you want! No late fees!)

Ricky Gervais is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…and he is not the only one.



July 2, 2020 UPDATE: Ricky Gervais, reflecting upon his Golden Globes monologue with Yahoo! Entertainment said that he believes mainstream America is tired of Hollywood hypocrisy and was quoted as saying, “I’ll often take a complete opposite stance to what I actually believe if it makes the joke better. I’ll pretend to be right-wing, left-wing or no-wing! It depends on the joke.”

In a similar interview, Fox News reported that Gervais admitted to not necessarily believing everything he said in his speech, and only said many of those quippy one-liners in order to deliver the best joke possible.

He told the outlet [Fox News] that, although his words were harsh, he himself doesn’t necessarily believe everything he says when taking a stance on stage. He merely tilts in favor of the best joke.”

Fox News

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