Man Walks Into Police Department With Bloodstained Hands to Turn Himself In

Eddie Torres, 37, of Bristol, Connecticut. [Photo credit: Bristol Police Department]


A man with no previous record and no previous charges according to his defense attorney, appeared in court on Wednesday the 8th where his bond was increased from $1 million to $3 million.


37 year old Eddie Torres walked into the lobby of the Bristol Police Department shortly after 9 pm on Tuesday night and stated in broken English that he was there because "I kill my wife."


He had brought with him a brown paper bag of various prescription medications which he began to empty from the bag onto the counter.  When he did this, the officer working the desk noticed what appeared to be dried blood on Torres' hands.


The desk officer activated his body worn camera while calling for available units to assist as he did not speak Spanish.


At about the same time, a unit was dispatched to an apartment for a response of a woman that had been stabbed.


Officers arrived to an apartment to find a woman standing on the balcony who directed them to the kitchen floor where a woman was sitting on the floor, slumped over, bleeding from multiple stab wounds.  Officers began to administer medical aid while they awaited the arrival of paramedics to transport the woman, later identified as Jessica Rivera, to St. Francis Hospital.


Upon arrival, Rivera was taken into emergency surgery but ultimately succumbed to her injuries.  She had multiple stab wounds to her heart, a stab wound on the right side of her neck, one to her left arm, another on her lower back and even her legs.


Torres was arrested and charged with a single count of murder.  Additional charges will likely be filed at a later date.


According to the incident report obtained by WTIC, Torres made unsolicited statements such as, "She's crazy.  I didn't want to do it," while sitting in one of the interview rooms. "I know I did something wrong, just take me to jail.  I'm ready to go to jail now."


While completing some paperwork with Torres during the booking process, with the assistance of a Spanish interpreter, Torres informed them that his actions were in self defense.  He stated that his wife had attacked him and tried to kill him at which time he showed them a laceration to the palm of his hand. He then also stated that his medication, which included an anti-depressant, a narcotic pain reliever, and a benzodiazepine, that influenced him.


He relayed that he had previously requested an attorney at which time all questions stopped.


Torres is expected to appear in court again at the end of the month.



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