Satanic Saturation: A Guest Blog by Robyn Kranig

God healed me from the damages of SRA, His way. It took me a while but, HE is brilliant.


He showed me what happened to me and why. In this process, I saw many of their methods of mind control. This is how God deprogrammed me.


This process also explained this world to me. I realized they [the occult handlers] had been reinforcing their mind control programming every time I turned on the TV.


God has sent me out to share what I have learned. So, here I go!


It is sad to say, that I see this same programming being used on the general public.


These are not similarities—it’s the same things. They just don’t tell us about the cost of magic.


Never forget that it is all fear based. The news is not the news, it is programming. But the truth is prevalent in common fiction.


The Devil is tricky. The reason that SRA testimonies seem fictional is because most of our culture’s “fictional stories” are revealing real satanic methods and devices. It is all bizarre because most of us have never seen these things in our “real” lives. So, we just chalk it off as fiction.


Magic is not novel. What we don’t know, and they don’t talk about, is that magic is not free—it costs. Members of the occult pay, and their currency is rituals, where the children are distorted by rape and torture. Many are bled to death. They put so much fear into us that many of them are overtaken and become abusers themselves.


Here are some direct comparisons:


After promising that they would never hurt me again (which, proved to be a lie) they showed me an object that they had in their possession that enabled them to become invisible. It was a cloak. When a person put it on, they became invisible. The only difference from this cloak and the prop cloak that was featured in the Harry Potter series is that I could not see through it while wearing the hood.


Fascination with this mystical object has been well used on millions of children in a manner that most parents overlook. With or without SRA torture, mankind is still being introduced to magic and being programmed.




God gave me information that I had no idea I would need. During my healing, He brought me back to a time when I overheard my mother and another woman gossiping. They talked about how one of the families thought that their son was better than all the other children. They said that this was because their son was going to become a great man of music and would play all the instruments. That he would move north and become a celebrated teacher.


I didn’t know why God brought me back to this moment. But I did remember this boy’s name. I looked him up and he is now a professor of music at a highly accredited college, north of where we lived. They had projected his future. This form of occult control can be seen in the Twilight series as one of the main characters could project future events by analyzing current events and circumstances in a person’s life.


Disney stories are said to come from old German folklore. But these are occult stories, and a lot older than Germany. The Disney portrayal of fairy godmothers is no different than attaching a spirit to a person at birth. I know a woman whose mother attached a spirit to her at birth. Her intention was to have someone comfort her so that she would never be alone. The enemy took full advantage and sent an incubus.


In the Harry Potter series, the kids are being trained to do magic. The characters in Rowling’s story were exposed to the very things my handlers were trying to teach me. However, they left out a few details that I can tell you about.


Mankind’s enemy requires payment for those powers. They often breed and raise one child in the family that is to be pampered and protected. Then, they turn on the child. Traditionally, they chase them through a labyrinth. Just like in the Labyrinth movie. They chase them down and bleed them slowly. The blood is full of adrenaline. This blood is dank by the other children to strengthen them. Can you imagine what this does to the siblings as they watch, and then drink? Members of the occult consider this to be an honorable sacrifice.


I witnessed this firsthand and recorded the details in my written testimony.


This blood seems to be addictive, and many report that it is now being done on a large scale. It is what people are calling Adrenochrome. All of which, has been funneled into “fiction” and is considered entertainment for our children.



Cute little cartoons are not what you think either.


There was a rule we had to follow during the rituals. One of the boys called it, “The one yell rule.” We were forced to express our pain into one yell. If we did not yell, we would get in trouble. They need the sound to complete the ritual.


We were not allowed to complain either. This was something I learned as I saw a boy killed for continuously screaming.


They don’t ever tell you the rules beforehand though, they let you see someone die for breaking one of the unknown rules. That is how we learn the rules—and remember to follow them.


That is what real magic is like.


This is reflected in the movie, Monsters Inc.


Just like SRA, they make evil look like fun.



Turn the TV off! Occasionally, my husband and I flip through movie choices. It is impossible to find anything that does not advertise the same tactics of magic that I saw during Satanic Ritual Abuse.


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