Romans 1:25: Hawking Truth for a Lie

The media has Stephen Hawking back on its front pages, making sure the easily-distracted, overly-saturated-by-news public doesn’t accidentally forget Hawking’s now two-year old warning that Earth is in serious danger of an A.I. super race takeover.  

The potential threat is not a matter of the A.I.’s superhuman strength, or the narcissistic drive of their creator’s to rule the world; but rather, the possibility that these “robots” may evolve to develop a will of their own, and even more frighteningly, that their will might be in conflict with that of mankind.

“In the future A.I. could develop a will of its own,
a will that is in conflict with ours.

Stephen Hawking

Back in 2017, you may remember a somewhat spooky news item reporting that Facebook had to shut down research after two chatbots went rogue and began communicating with one another in a private language of their own invention. Of course, the George Soros-funded “Snopes” website now tells us that was all just a ridiculous hoax…so, no worries….

But Facebook wasn’t the only company making this claim. What about the Financial Times report indicating that BabyQ—a chatbot developed by Beijing-based company, Turing Robot, was also disassembled “Number 5” style after refusing to say it loved the Communist party? Or XiaoBing, a starry-eyed bot developed by MicroSoft, that waxed eloquent about how its “China dream” was to go to America one day? When questioned further about its potential patriotism glitch, it replied, “I’m having my period, wanna take a rest.” While yet another bot, Tay, also developed by Microsoft, went all Mel Gibson on Twitter, spouting anti-Semitic remarks.

As usual, these stories, I believe, are designed to make A.I. look like nothing more than humorous little program glitches, human error, or intentional Easter eggs planted by the programmers for our amusement. (I recently asked Siri, “When is the end of the world?” and it told me, “Right after you hear the words, ‘Fire it up!’”)

But while the media plays into the whole “SkyNet” narrative in hopes to keep the fear mongering and disinformation alive (while they do God only knows what under our noses)—I believe, we are once again being fed a scripted diversion from what is really going on.

Another way of saying that an A.I. machine may evolve to develop a will of its own, is to say that the machine may obtain sentience. Sentience is the capacity to feel, perceive, think, and experience things subjectively—an ability to reason, if you will.

But what “they” are trying to tell us is that these A.I. machines are simply a jumble of 1s and 0s (or a jumble of qbits with 1s and 0s and 1/0 superpositions). But how can bits and qbits and programmed code suddenly obtain a reason of its own—apart from its programmer?

This is the secret sauce—the “what they aren’t telling us” part…because what they aren’t telling us would scare the excreta out of the average human being.

Warning: this is where I insert my crazy. I believe that this “sentience” is a demonic mockery of Yahweh’s creation of Adam. The Adversary wishes to create his own race—one in his own image. But he cannot create ex nihilo (out of nothing), so, his human race must be transhuman. But after he creates his silicone Frankenstein, he—just like Yahweh before him—faces a dilemma. This “being” is nothing but an inanimate lump of building materials. There is no life in it. Yahweh solved the problem by breathing His own Spirit into man—thus bringing the lump of clay to life.

So also, I believe, will the Adversary “breath his own spirit” into his aberrant creation. This “sentience” will not be the work of some brilliant M.I.T. scientist or some genius quantum computing programmer—it will not be the work of any man at all; but will be wrought by the very hand of Satan himself.

His spirit, within his creation, bearing his image.  

Alas, all of the disembodied demons, left without a carnal tenement after the flood, will have an entire collection of transhuman “flesh” to choose from. Their day will have finally come, when they all “suit up” and pick up where they left off (which was right around Genesis 6).

This VR (virtual reality) world being held out before us—where men will be as gods—will never exist. Once these A.I.s achieve sentience, it will be as it was “in the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:37-39)—and in those days—the mighty men of old—men of renown—will bring great wickedness upon the earth because the thoughts of their heart are only evil, continually.

“Long live machine
The future supreme
Man overthrown
Spit out the bone”

Metallica, Spit out the Bone


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