It All Depends on What “it” Means

I recently went to visit a friend on the east coast. One afternoon, we popped into a grocery store and I was simultaneously amused and disconcerted at the sight of a rather dated, Buck Rogers-esque looking “robot” that was rolling up and down the aisles like a silicone stalker, grinning creepily at unsuspecting shoppers. This bizarre, but blithe, bot appeared to be nothing more than an unwieldy, unmanned Segway with massive googly eyes.

And herein lies what amused me (the googly eyes) and what disconcerted me—the hunk of bolts has a name—a human name. Its name is Marty. (Grocery Mart—Marty…get it?) But this whole experience got me thinking….

Marty, the googly-eyed grocery bot

The socially-engineered pronoun revolution being foisted upon America is feverishly heaping shame upon narrow-minded girls and boys who are ignorantly content with their assigned-at-birth gender. In hopes to help coax these unenlightened youngsters out of the dark ages, they are given all sorts of gender-detached alternatives such as: (f)ae, e/ey, per, ve, xe, ze/zie, sie, and tey (to name only a few).

Even those of us content with our antiquated male/female gender labels are under social fire to say “cis-gender” instead of male or female. (In other words, if I am biologically born a female, and I identify as a female—I should not refer to myself as female, but as cis-gender.)  Folks, this is nothing more than a fancy way of duping simple-minded heterosexual men and women into identifying themselves by a gender-neutral epithet.

But something far more sinister is at play. I have said it before, and I will continue to say it until I am blue in the face:  THEY (the powerful people behind the LGBTQ agenda) do not give a RIP about homosexuals. All of the rights and legislation and attention and applause is nothing more than a temporary, albeit necessary, stepping stone to nudge society onto the path they really want us on—Transhumanism.

At the same time in history that men and women are being shamed and pressured into dropping he/she language from existence, we are being taught to assign human he/she pronouns to our machines. As the masses select self-descriptive pronouns that dehumanize them (ve, xe, zie, etc); the machines—inanimate hunks of brainless building materials—are being assigned pronouns historically reserved for humans—he and she.

I don’t refer to my laptop as a she. I don’t believe my cell phone charger is a girl. So, why would I refer to Siri or Alexis as “she” or Marty the shop bot as a boy? They are machines. Siri is an it, not a she. Alexis is an it, not a her.

Does this look like a “girl” to you?

Brothers and sisters, I am making an appeal. I typically go out of my way to resist the urge to tell people what they must conclude from the articles that I write. I try to avoid feeding my readers any final conclusions. Because Yahweh’s people are in danger of perishing for lack of knowledge, I do not want to contribute to the extinction of logic and common sense. We all need to learn to prayerfully “test every spirit to see whether it is from God.” We cannot develop this skill if our pastors and our authors do our thinking for us.

So, rather than “telling you what to do,” I wish only to plant a seed and ask that you prayerfully consider not referring to inanimate objects and machines as “he” or “she.” We are being groomed to empathize with machines—and that empathy may, one day, become deadly.

Despite what Elon Musk and Verizon Wireless tell us—5G smart phones are not more intelligent than human beings who were created in the image of God, and who are empowered by His Spirit. In fact, according to Dr. Stephen Juan, author of The Odd Brain: Mysteries of our Weird and Wonderful Brains Explained, “More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than by all the cell phones in the world.”

“More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than by all the cell phones in the world.”

Dr. Stephen Juan

Hollywood has been hard at work the past 10-15 years indoctrinating us into believing that robots, cyborgs, synthetic humanoids, and transhuman beings are fun, relatable, loving, empathetic life forms that are capable of joy, fear, courage, love, and sacrifice.

We see this idea embedded into the scripted interactions between Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee in the Transformers franchise; and the Arnold Schwarzeneggar character in the Terminator series (as well as myriads of other examples).  

We have come a long way since War of the Worlds, folks. Looks like Hollywood still believes as it always has—that robots will one day take over the world. But what was once achieved through firepower and force will now be achieved through friendship.

This shift in our collective thinking is seismic. It reveals how comfortably numb the masses have become toward ideologies that, if implemented alongside a ruthless dictator (read: the antichrist), will result in the loss of human rights, human life…and human souls.

Even if a machine has some sort of rudimentary human emotions software baked into its programming, the fact is, machines don’t “think” and “feel.” No matter how human their hardware and their software become; no matter how sophisticated their facial expressions and voice boxes become, or whether they are assigned cute, relatable human names, or given comically-oversized googly eyes…these bots are not human beings, and they are not our “friends.”

We do NOT consent!


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