The Beezleborg

The age-old mantra of both atheists and Arminians alike has been that mankind is not truly human unless we have a free will. After all, as the mantra continues, “If we don’t have free will—we would all be robots.”

How strange then that the very definition of reimagined humanity (H+, transhumanism, singularity) is immortality obtained via the modification of the human race into an enhanced species of AI, synthetic humanoids, or cyborgs all linked to a hive mind where their collective thoughts, desires, and actions are predestined by a sentient Collective—a great “Borg-in-the-sky.”

If that’s not “turning us into robots”—I don’t know what is. And if you are one of those believers who holds fast to the dictum that free will is the crowning evidence of humanity—you will fight to the death to retain it. For you, this will mean resistance in the coming days—an intransigent will to remain human as God, and not the Borg, defines it.

“If you can feel that staying human is worthwhile,
 even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.”

George Orwell

The Secret Sauce

The ingredients within the H+ recipe do not consist merely of transistors, wires, motherboards, and silicone. Like every great chef, there is a “secret sauce”—that one additive a chef won’t share—the missing ingredient that will always make their culinary arts superior to all its imitators.

Lucifer is not God. He does not possess the ability to create ex nihilo (out of nothing). He must take from the building blocks of God’s creation and merely cobble those already-existing things together in order to “create” something.

As far as creating life is concerned, Jehovah’s “secret sauce” was the breathing of his own Spirit into the lungs of man, thus animating him from a cadaver of clay into a breathing biped. So, what does Lucifer, with his limited capabilities, do in order to breathe life into his shelled-out, soulless “creation”?  Lucifer, bereft of the life-giving breath of Jehovah, must find another means of supplying sentience to his otherwise unanimated squad of cyborgs.

The secret sauce in this case is alchemy.

Alchemy is the medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life.


Lucifer is not looking to prefabricate a petting zoo of zombies—a pantheon of puppets for his own amusement. He is looking to replace God—to establish his throne over all the Earth. And like the God of the Bible, Lucifer wants his race to bear his image and to betoken his bloodline. He, no more than Jehovah, wants a bevy of blind devotion. He wants our worship.

But human beings created in the image of God have “eternity written on their hearts” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). This means, if humans remain in their current state—created in and bearing the image of God—Lucifer will always run the risk of a resistance, because our hearts are hardwired to seek the One True God.

Thus, Lucifer must override our current programming, wipe the drive, and do a full reboot of our heart, soul, mind, and strength—because these are all factory-wired functions set to love the Creator. In order to hijack the devotion of man, Lucifer must smother the Spirit within us and reprogram humanity. He will do this by transmuting us from “base metals” (the flesh) into “gold” (transhuman cyborgs). This is alchemy—Satan’s secret sauce.

The Collective

A world-wide Collective would be great in a world full of people with only good intentions. But as the incident at Babel shows us, a league of intelligent human beings all gathered in one place to share ideas does not always yield the best results.

Collective thought is helpful in business meetings where a group of highly creative minds are all pooling together their thoughts for the purpose of invention and innovation. Not such a great idea when the Borg is at the helm, eavesdropping on all your anti-government, eschatological thoughts via a microchip embedded in the bowels of your dishwasher, linked to your brain via Elon Musk’s “neural lace.”

Neural lace is an ultra-thin mesh that can be implanted in the skull, forming a collection of electrodes capable of monitoring brain function. It creates an interface between the brain and the machine.

Christina Mercer-Myers,

The Beezleborg

An “interface between the brain and the machine.”  The machine? What (or who) is that?

In the I.T. world, a network is a digital communications hub that links several computers together via nodes. The data is carried between systems through WiFi, optic cables, or wires. In a hive mind network, (aka The Collective) thoughts in the human brain (computer) are carried between other brains in the Collective (network) via a neural lace (optic cable, wires, or WiFi) and all the interconnected brains are connected to the switch hub—the machine—the Beast.

The down shot to this is that, like existing computer networks, the hive can be hacked. Viruses can be installed, information can be stolen, and data can be deleted. What happens to our free will when the “Great I.T. Guy in the Sky” has direct access to our thoughts, ideas, intentions, political affiliations, and religious beliefs?

This isn’t about bettering humanity or prolonging life. This is about mind control.

And lest ye think this is some modern invention of sci-fi writers or crackheads living in basements who think they’ve been microchipped from the space deck of a UFO—the Occult was onto this hive mind idea centuries ago. They called it the “Egregore.”

“An egregore is a thoughtform, a creation of the human mind. It is a manifestation of a group consciousness, which can become powerful enough to take on a life of its own. It is driven by the collective (and often unintentional) willpower of large numbers of people.

Rob Schwarz, Stranger Dimensions

Fascinatingly, the word egregore is derived from the Greek word ἑγρήγορος (egregoros) which translates, “Watcher.” This is a hat tip to the Watchers described in the Book of Enoch—200 great angel-like spirits who descend to earth upon Mount Hermon, who proceeded to mate with earth women, who thus give birth to the Nephilim—half-angel, half- human demigods who ruled the earth, and whose debauchery led God to “regret” having created mankind, thus sending a flood to destroy the earth.

Interesting that the Occult would choose the word “Watcher” to describe, as Wikipedia puts it, an “autonomous psychic entity” whose sole purpose is to control the thoughts of the masses. Could it be that the powers-that-be in the days of Noah, are the same powers-that-be today?  Is Christ giving His followers a clue to this when He tells us in Matthew 24:37, “For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah”?

Are the Watchers watching once again?

Keeping up with the Jones’

Antiquated end-times films typically portray people being hunted down on the streets by armed political patsies and hauled off to some secret underground lair to have the mark of the beast forced upon them at gunpoint.

But is that really the way it is going to be?

We know that our cell phones have GPS devices embedded in them. We know the CIA monitors our text messages. And yet, we line up for blocks to pay close to $1000 to not only own one, but to carry it around with us like it is an appendage attached to our bodies that would result in a hemorrhage if it were to become detached.

In a world where Apple and Android users are pitted against one another, and the need to always own the “latest, greatest thing” is being cemented into our psyche—consumerism is creating a Pavlovian response in our brains that it is tantamount to a scarlet “A” on our chest if we don’t own the most state-of-the-art TV, laptop, video game console, or smart phone. This is a form of mind control. We are being programmed into pluralistic ignorance. This drive to keep up with the Jones’ is priming the pump and paving the way for the ultimate upgrade: H+.

Yesterday, it was Tickle-Me-Elmo; today, it’s an iPhone XS. Tomorrow, it will be the mark of the beast— perhaps cleverly concealed within the Trojan horse of a neural lace injection that promises health and happiness, sex appeal and success. Sure, it will come with a manifesto of nefarious small print, but people will line up for blocks to get their hands on it, and they will likely pay any price.

1 John 2:15 says, “Do not love the world nor the things in this world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” Verse 17 continues, “The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.”

This cluster of verses is sandwiched in between a verse about overcoming the Evil One and a stern warning that it is the last hour. These verses are a formula for eternal life. Perhaps John understood the inseparable link between loving the lusts of the world and losing one’s eternal life?

Temple or Tower?

There are two ways to ascend to the throne room of God—through humility or through hubris.  Just as the physical temple in Israel was superseded by a human collective (1 Cor. 6:19); so also, the Tower of Babel will be superseded by a human collective in these last days.

We all have a choice: conversion (temple) or conceit (tower). Transhumanism is the promise of eternal life—minus the Messiah. Lucifer will deliver on his promise. Those who take the mark will indeed live forever—the Word of God backs this promise up in Revelation 14:11, where John writes, “And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

A temple or a tower. Where will you run for refuge in these last days?

Plug into me, I guarantee devotion
Plug into me and dedicate
Plug into me and I’ll save you from emotion
Plug into me and terminate
Accelerate, Utopian solution
Finally cure the Earth of man
Exterminate, speeding up the evolution
Set on course a master plan
Reinvent the earth inhabitant
Long live machine
The future supreme
Man overthrown
Spit out the bone

Metallica, Spit Out the Bone