Don’t Miss It!

I used to be a couch potato. I know. Hard to believe but it is true.

Even before the advent of me having access to cable t.v., I could spend endless hours in front of a television, waiting for the next least-boring thing to come on for my vegetized viewing pleasure. As a child it was easy enough, only 3 major networks to choose from, then PBS, and (if the wind was blowing the right way) we could get an unprecedented 5th channel from a city in the next county.

After-school specials, reruns, “educational” shows. It didn’t matter.

Then as an adult with my own money to waste, I could get cable. The ability to soak up dregs of unfiltered brain rot was beyond compare! So long as I stayed in front of the black box with magic pictures, I wouldn’t miss anything. Surfing channels with the remote ensured that.

But it started eating at me. My brother once said “Nobody ever says ‘Remember that 4th time we were watching Gilligan’s Island and nothing happened?'” 

There is no life in the black box with magic pictures. No relationships. No friends to call upon. No actual love. Just empty electrons stimulating my eyes and ears.

Over a decade ago our household broke the electronic leash that is t.v. domination. It is freeing!

Now I can see the opportunity for others, realizing the lies the box speaks, the deception, the spells cast upon people through it.

Life is out here! Others are out here! Real people, with a renewed life! Fellowship with our heavenly Father by communing with other believers, in person, in reality.

Come and join us…don’t miss it!