Welcome To True America!

As I am sure most of you are aware, the 2020 U.S. election (contrary to the claims of the MSM and politicos) is not yet decided. Reports are coming in from many sectors about computerized fraud, ballot stuffing, changing tallies, etc.

Congratulations! You now live in the USA I have been in for the past three decades. Allow me to explain.

In the early 1990s, there was a hotly contested local election in the Tucson, Arizona area. News was reporting daily about the corruption of the (D) incumbant, as well as the fraud charges against the (R). A large group of people close to me decided to vote Libertarian (L) as a sort of protest vote.

Alas, when final numbers were tallied, the (L) had zero votes. None. Not one. At a minimum mine should have been there. Other people I polled answered they too had voted (L) at the time.

This started a years-long search at every election time, local, state, other states, and national, for claims of fraud in elections. While the 1990s weren’t prime “surf the ‘net” for information days, there was plenty available in newspapers, magazines, and news broadcasts.

Election fraud and theft was everywhere!

Think it stopped miraculously in 1999? Think again.

The 2000 election was no different. However a new name made an appearance on my radar: Diebold.

Diebold was/is a manufacturer of computerized voting machines. Easily hacked voting machines. Easily broken into voting machines.

While on one front this was being exposed by a new group, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation or EFF, on another front it was being exposed by the crooks themselves.

In 2003 it was discovered that Walden O’Dell, the CEO of Diebold, had promised that Diebold was going to “deliver Ohio to President Bush in 2004.” More controversial statements were made in the runup to the 2008 presidential election too.

While practices did not change, names did. In 2006 Diebold became Premier Election Solutions (PES), a name being bantied about today in 2020. Other names have arisen as well, surely you know of whom I write.

When I started reporting on such events in the 1990s to whomever would listen, replies depended upon the audience. Speaking to “liberals” they would say I was a “right-wing extremist”, while “conservatives” would call me a “tree-hugging liberal.”

Fine. So I withdrew and kept up with my 3rd party vote, before withdrawing completely from participation in the crooked lie-fest.

But guess what, friends? Now you all know. The proof is right in your face where it cannot be ignored anymore. Election fraud and theft is at every level of government…local, county, state, and federal.

Here’s the kicker: Who are you going to trust to help you stop this generational crime?

Your local election thieves? Your state vote riggers? Your nationally digitally selected representatives?

Remember this. The word vote comes from Latin votum, meaning “to vow, wish, promise to god.”

I’ll keep my vote with Jesus Yeshua.

Love you all!