Glad To Be Here!

Well…look where I popped up this time, on Real Dark News hosted by Through The Black! Who would’ve thought such a thing?

Just over three years ago, I suggested that Through The Black organize a specific panel of prayer warriors, in order to have intercession at Yah’s throne on their behalf. “That’s a great idea! Would you be willing to set that up?” came the reply. “Uuhhh…yeah? Yes, I can do that.”

And that’s how the Prayer Armory came into existence!

A call was put out for prayer volunteers and dozens of people stepped forward. In a short period of time, we had multiple prayer warriors available to pray each day, from many time zones across the earth. Most chose to pray three times a day on their chosen day, providing ’round the clock prayer coverage.

The goal was to give protection over film projects, people giving their testimonies of Jesus Yeshua via Through The Black, the people, their households, their families too.

Over the past 39 months, the mission has expanded significantly. Along with all of that, we help meet immediate regional needs, take up special urgent prayer requests from both individuals and groups, and have some of the best fellowship available to our extended family!

With the expanded outreach and projects that Through The Black has been mustering, Real Dark News has been focusing upon the news that “news” doesn’t want to call news. And RDN is doing a great job at it too!

Now everyone can look forward to me sharing my grating opinions (which I usually keep to myself), on all the current topics stressing people out today.

I’m glad to be here and to contribute to the kingdom!


In Yeshua,