‘The Absolute Worst I’ve Ever Seen:” More Victims and Suspects Anticipated

Joseph Suder, 36, and William Bustillos III, 25.

Police are anticipating that they have just begun to unravel what may end up being a vast network of child abusers and rapists.


It started on August 16th with the arrest of Joseph Suder, 36, in Milford, Ohio.  Police arrested Suder for raping a seven year old child and taking explicit pictures of him and two other children, ages five and eight,  at the Oakwood Apartments on Brooklyn Avenue in Milford.


In further investigating Suder, they were lead to William Bustillos III, 25, quite possibly by following the trafficking of the five year old boy that they say Suder provided to Bustillos.  Police though, did not disclose further information on the relationship between the two men, other than to say that between the two of them, they "probably" possessed thousands of pornographic images, some even depicting bestiality involving children as young as one year old.


Milford police provided a tip to the Lockland police department, and sent them hundreds of images to follow up on.  That is what led them to Bustillos' apartment on Wednesday the 28th.  A man with no major criminal background, Bustillos is a high school drop out that was working with Securitas as a security guard.  They were not prepared for what they found in his room.


"I have never come in contact with a case like this," said Sgt. Scott Godbey with the Lockland Police Department.


"I've seen a lot of bad things in this world, but this right here is probably the worst I've ever had to deal with," said Lockland Police Chief James Toles.


Police confirm that they found pentagrams and "satanic elements" inside the room that Bustillos raped the young boy in, and some reports say that there were sex toys scattered among various idols.


“There are a lot of indications it was used for producing pornographic films involving children,” Lockland Sgt. Chris Lind said during a press conference.  “It was very disturbing to be in there.”


"His apartment was basically set up as a sex room. His bedroom included a bed with nets to mount cameras to record sex acts and a little satanic ritual set up with cameras satanic totems. He had dildos in the showers and these pictures of these kids in the shower with the dildos."


Bustillos' mother, and another man lived downstairs in the apartment.  Neither wished to be identified, but did make statements to WLWT concerning the shrine that police found, saying it was a part of his religion.


"He's a Wiccan and he believes in the Wiccan way," the man said.


"I support him in that, even though I'm a Christian. That's his right," Bustillos' mother said.


Bustillos surrendered to police on Wednesday and was taken in for questioning.  During the recorded interview, he confessed to raping the five year old boy and taking images for "sexual gratification."  He also told police that he was sharing images with others in the Cincinnati area.


"It seems like there might be a ring going on from talking to our suspect," Sgt. Lind said. "We're hoping to uncover who these people are and put them away for a long time."


Sgt. Lind also disclosed that during the interview “He said he was molested growing up and said ‘That’s why I’m like this.’ And so I said ‘you were molested growing up so now you are molesting the next generation?’ He said ‘yes, I guess I am.” I said ‘so I guess yo don’t care what happens to these kids?' He said ‘yes, I guess I don’t care.'


Electronic devices, flash drives, a game console, and hard drives were seized and turned over to federal authorities that are working to identify other victims and to track down other perpetrators.  While the Lockland police department said they they were contacted Thursday morning by the FBI and asked to join an ongoing investigation, the local field office of the FBI did not confirm. “As a matter of policy, we cannot confirm or deny the existence of a potential investigation," said Todd Lindgren, spokesman for the Cincinnati office of the FBI.


A relative that wished to not be named, spoke with Fox19 Now and explained that this case was exposed when one of the children began to act out violently before they eventually disclosed to another family member what had happened.  As soon as the family knew, they went to the Milford police.  The relative said that the boy wants to speak out now about what happened to him to protect the other child Bustillos is accused of raping.   “This is just the beginning," they said.


Suder is being held at the Clermont County Jail on charges of rape and gross sexual imposition.  Bustillos is charged with the same and is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on a $3 million bond.  More charges are expected according to investigators.


The investigation is ongoing and officials are asking anyone with information to contact the Milford Police Department at 513-248-5084 or the Lockland Police Department at 513- 761-1699.