Remains of child found last year identified, persons of interest in custody

Emma Grace Cole, 3, of Smyrna, Delaware. [Image credit: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children]


Last September the remains of a child, suspected to have been dead for some time, were located at a softball field in Smyrna, Delaware.  Those remains have now tentatively been identified as belonging to 3-year-old Emma Grace Cole.


Earlier this month Smyrna Police announced the arrests of two persons of interest. Kristie Haas, 28, and her husband, Brandon Haas, 38, both formerly of Smyrna were arrested in Pennsylvania.


When the girl's remains were found last year, the Hass' lived in a home a little more than a mile from the field according to The News Journal. They were evicted from that home the following month.


Kristie and Brandon married in 2017.  According to numerous Facebook posts, there were several other children in their home aside from Emma, who was believed to be the youngest.  The location of the other children is not known at this time.


According to the statement issued by the police, the matter remains under investigation and they do not intend to release further details at this time.



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