Former student speaks out about abuse to save family member, teacher arrested

Christina Ruby Sanchez-Rodriguez, 30, of Marion County. Florida, [Image credit: Marion County Sheriff's Office]


When a boy learned that a family member was going to be in Christina Ruby Sanchez-Rodriguez's class he became upset saying that he didn't want his family member to go through what he had.


He had been in her kindergarten class two years prior at at Evergreen Elementary School in Ocala, Florida.


When asked what he meant, he told a family friend was that she had touched his private areas on numerous occasions and expressed that she liked him as a "boyfriend."  She had told him not to tell anyone about the touching and when he had expressed to her that he did not like it, he stated that Sanchez would become upset and ignore him in class.


Investigators spoke with family members and school officials and learned that Sanchez would take the boy out to lunch and lavish him with special attention including allowing him to play on her cell phone under her desk during class.


When the boy began to return home with gifts that Sanchez had purchased for him, the family grew concerned and eventually removed him from her class.


When he found out that he had been removed, Sanchez reportedly quit.


Due to statements from the victim as well as witnesses, 30-year-old Sanchez-Rodriguez was arrested on a charge of lewd and lascivious molestation and booked into the Marion County Jail.  Her bond, which she posted Saturday, was set at $25,000.


Statements given during this investigation have caused concern of the high probability that Sanchez may have more victims. Detectives are asking if you know could be a victim of Sanchez, please contact Detective Scala at (352) 368-3548



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