Mother Allegedly Videoed Herself Attempting to Drown 6 Year Old Son

Dazshea Watkins, 25, of Cleveland, Ohio.

Dazshea Watkins, 25, who states suffers from mental illness, is accused of attempting to down her 6 year old son in a bathtub on or about August 28th and videoing the whole thing.  She is then said to have sent the video to her son's father according to police.


Documents state that she beat the boy on several occasions, including once hitting him in the head with a broom.  She also attempted to smother him with a pillow.  Further stated in court documents, the boy had signs indicative of abuse on his arms, legs, stomach, back, and face.


Watkins was arrested on September 4th and her bond was set at $10,000.  According to court documents, she posted bail on September 12th.  She was scheduled to appear in court for her indictment on the 13th, but that hearing appears to have been bound over for September 18th.


Watkins is currently facing 32 charges total.  They are: two counts of attempted murder, six counts of felonious assault, 15 counts of endangering children, four counts of kidnapping, four counts of domestic violence and one count of pandering obscenity involving a minor.


Her six year old son survived and is in emergency custody of Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services, but in the care of family members.  There is a hearing scheduled today for DCFS to obtain temporary custody.


DCFS had previously dealt with Watkins on two separate occasions, but after a short investigation, had closed their files for an inability to verify the allegations made.  After her indictment, they have reopend a case.