Illegal Parking Results in Arrest of Man Wanted on Multiple Warrants

Christopher Gembicki, 33, of Girard, Ohio. [Photo credit: Trumbull County Jail]


A Weathersfield Police Department patrol officer noticed a vehicle parked illegally in a handicap spot on the evening of Wednesday, December 11th.


The officer made contact with the driver and determined that the individual did not have a valid handicap placard.


When a check was run on the driver, it was determined that 33 year old Christopher Gembicki was wanted by the United States Marshall Services for Threats to Injure Persons and also a Parole Warrant for Making Threats against then President Obama back in 2014.


An additional warrant was discovered for him out of Cuyahoga County for Possession of Narcotic Equipment.


Gembicki, who has a rather extensive criminal history consisting of eight separate arrests resulting in 24 different charges dating back to 2005, was taken to Thumbull County Jail where he was booked.


In 2014 Gembicki was indicted in federal court for threats against the president and "threats made in interstate commerce" for posts that he had made on social media threatening the lives of others.


A woman had tipped off authorities to his posts describing some of them as "disturbing" images which included Gembicki with inverted crosses and “making strange, cult-like poses.”


On Twitter, where he had changed his handle to read as "The Antichrist" (@the4ntichrist), the indictment included a charge related to a post he had made threatening to kill someone saying, "time was up and he was going to drink (the person's) blood."


When investigators made contact with him, they said he admitted to making threats against various people in order to “make them aware that he knows who they are and that they are on his list.”  He additionally stated he had no means to carry out his threats on Obama whom he called the “black devil” and said was a part of the “Black New World Order.”


Despite a hold showing on his profile, he was released by court order just after noon on the 12th.



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