“I Am the Devil, God Made Me This Way.”

Octavia Carter, 40, of Las Vegas, Nevada. [Photo credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department]

Saturday morning, just before 9:30 am, three children, ages 8, 10, and 11, ran into the management office of the Budget Suites to report that their father was bleeding and needed medical help.


The 911 dispatcher was patched through to suite 3080 by the manager and the woman that answered the phone was described as "nonchalant" according to the arrest report.


According to KTNV, he report went on to say "when asked [by the dispatcher] if the male was breathing [the woman] stated 'Probably, I don't know.' The female then set the phone down, came back a few seconds later and was out of breathe. The dispatcher attempted to give the female CPR instructions but the female just said she did not know what was going on. [Two of the children] briefly got on the phone and then disconnected the line."


The woman, 40 year old Octavia Carter was found by emergency responders to be covered in blood with a towel wrapped around her right hand.  She was transported to UMC Trauma for treatment to a cut to her wound.


A man, later identified as Johnny Franklin was pronounced dead at the scene from a gash to his neck and multiple stab wounds to his torso.


On the way to the hospital, paramedics reported that occasionally Carter "would go into a trance like state, rocking back forth.”  The arrest report went on to state that, “Carter would come out of the state periodically to ask about the welfare of her children, then begin to cry or go back to rocking back and forth.”


Carter is said to have told the paramedics that she had consumed no alcohol, but had smoked some marijuana.


The arrest report also stated that Carter told the paramedics, "I killed him."  She is alleged to have additionally said, “I am the devil. God made me this way,” repeatedly.


While at UMC Trauma, an officer reported that he overheard Carter speaking to one of the attending nurses saying, "I am a coward, I should have killed myself too."  He too reported seeing her rocking back and forth periodically in a trance like state.


Once released from the hospital, she was transported to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department where she was read her Miranda rights and questioned.  Officers there reported that she would "stare blankly" and seemed "confused."


The questioning stopped when Carter began to cry and said that she couldn't continue.  She was taken into custody without incident and booked into the Clark County Detention Center on one count of open murder.  She is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning.


Two knives were recovered from the apartment, both covered in blood.  One was a large chef knife that police found on the bed next to where Franklin was killed.  The other, a medium sized kitchen knife was found in the trash can.


The children are now in the care of Clark County Child Protective Services.