Chaos Watch: July 11, 2020

At 12:44 am Baltimore, Maryland police responded to a shooting that left one dead. A second shooting was reported at 3:17 pm where another male was killed.


Just 10 minutes after midnight, two people were shot in Chicago, Illinois by an assailant in another vehicle after an altercation at a gas station which left one dead and the second injured.  Within the next two hours, three separate shootings left another three dead and an additional man injured.


One man was injured in a shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada at 2 am.  Police are asking for help in locating the suspect.  Later in the day, a man wanted for several felonies fatally shot himself after a vehicle pursuit.


A pre-teen male is being sough by police in the fatal shooting of a female estimated to be between 15 and 20 years old in Los Angeles, California.


At about 4:30 pm, two officers with the McAllen, Texas police department were shot and killed as they approached a residence in response to a call.  As other officers arrived to the scene, the suspect inside fatally shot himself.


In Tuscaloosa, Alabama two were injured in a shooting outside University Mall at 5:14 pm.


One man was left dead after an "accidental homicide" at 5:30 pm in Louisville, Kentucky.


An 18-year-old was shot and killed just before 7 pm in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


Police were called to Zuurbekom in the West Rand, South Africa at 3:00 pm in response to a church feud turned violent and left five people dead.  40 people are in custody.


Two people were shot and killed in a Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania parking lot at 8 pm.