Updated charges against man that used unlicensed home daycare to produce child pornography

David Manas, 62, of Boca Raton, Florida. [Image credit Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office]


On March 25th Detectives with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Special Victims Unit received a tip concerning the possession of and knowing transmission of images depicting child pornography over the internet.


After analysis of the gmail account used for transmission and confirmation of the identity of the user via birth date and subpoenaed telephone number information, a search warrant was obtained for all data associated with the reported email address.


A Miami Herald article, re-posted by MSN indicated that the attachments that triggered the investigation were of a "lewd three-second anime cartoon" and a still image "of a preschool-aged girl naked from the waist down."


An additional attachment on the email included a PDF document titled "Barbara-last two paystubs" which showed pay receipts for Manas Family Daycare.  The address matched that which was reported as the residence for Manas.


July 30th Manas was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on 30 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  The listing on his jail record indicates that each charge relates to possession of 10 or more images, a third class felony.


During an interview, Manas was said to have admitted to officers that he watched pornography and that "sometimes, when he's online, child pornography will pop up."


After his arrest, PBCSO released information to the public about the arrest and charges, and appealed to the public that anyone that may have utilized the Manas' for child care to please contact Detective Amy Hoffman at (561) 688-4057.


Since then, investigators have spoken with parents and children concerning their time in the home.


"All children separately disclosed that David Manas took pictures of them with his cellphone and with a camera (believed to be the Nikon D90).  One of the children even described the camera as looking like a 'telescope' while imitating the process of moving the camera lens," a second arrest report read.


According to that report, the children stated that pictures were taken specifically in the master bedroom while they would be changing to go to the pool.  "They reported that David takes 'naked pictures' while the children were playing during 'naked time.'"


A comforter, towel, diaper changing pad and socks which were seen in 46 images depicting the molestation of a toddler recovered from Manas' seized tablet were recovered from the home during the execution of a second search warrant.  During that search additional electronic devices were confiscated as well.


The mother of the child seen in those 46 images told investigators that her child had spent the night at the Manas' home on five occasions and that after she had returned, she noticed her child would become fussy during diaper changes and baths.


The report states that "Due to her young age, she was unable to verbalize any abuse."


Additional charges have now been filed against Manas.  In addition to the initial 30 charges for possession, he now faces an additional two charges of lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under 12, and 46 counts of cruelty toward a child related to using or allowing a child to engage in a sexual performance.


His wife, Barbara has not been arrested.


His court date was not available.



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