Mother killed 4-year-old daughter to save her from something worse

Krystal Lewandowski, 34, of Fort Worth, Texas. [Image credit: Fort Worth Police]


Monday, August 24th at approximately 11:30 am a Fort Worth mother called 911 to report her 4-year-old daughter, Czara Lewandowski, as missing.


She provided the dispatcher with her daughter's physical description and last known location.  Then the call took a dark turn.


“OK, maybe I should just tell you now. OK, so last night I was advised to slit her throat,” 34-year-old Krystal Lewandowski was quoted as telling the 911 dispatcher in an arrest-warrant affidavit.


The dispatcher asked about the girl's current location to which Lewandowski said that she was in a trash can in the backyard.  An officer responding to the scene located the girl's body in a trash bag and she was pronounced dead at 11:51 am.


When speaking with 911, Lewandowski is alleged to have told them several times that she was "advised to slit her daughter's throat" and that if she did not, "something worse would happen."  She is said to have told police that she "saved" her daughter.


Lewandowski has been charged with one count of capitol murder.  She is in custody at the Tarrant County Jail.  Her bond is set at $750,000 and her next court date is not listed.


Lewandowski additionally had an 18-month old son.  That son is now in the custody of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  In speaking with the Star-Telegram spokeswoman Tiffani Butler stated that the agency had dealings with the family from about a year prior but would not provide further details.


She additionally said that they did not have legal custody of the boy, but were making sure he was okay.



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