Trial begins for woman accused of beheading her mother and kissing severed head

By Agrima Tikader | International Business Times |

Police discovered the headless body of 73-year-old Odessa Carey in her home in Ashington, Northumberland. The elderly woman's head was found inside a shopping bag in her 36-year-old daughter, Odessa Tammy Carey's home in Guide Post, Northumberland. Newcastle Crown Court heard from Prosecutor Nicholas Lumley that the woman had killed her mother before defiling her corpse. Charged with murder, the defendant was too unwell to appear for the trial.


On April 8, 2019, the police made the gruesome discovery of the mutilated corpse of the OAP in her own home. Police reports show that the decapitated corpse was found on the bed. The corpse's stomach had been cut open in the shape of a cross, exposing the innards. Inside the bathroom, a plastic container was found containing blood and brain tissue. A mallet, scissors and a knife were also found in the bathroom.


The search for the woman's head ended when the police raided the home of her suspected killer. The woman's daughter was found hiding in the loft of her temporary home. Under a sink in the house, the investigators discovered the victim's head. The head had been carefully wrapped in a pillowcase and a towel before being stored in the carrier bag.


Lumley informed the court that the day before police discovered the victim's body, the murderer had been seen with the victim's head. A family friend was allegedly visited by the deranged woman. The friend witnessed her taking the head out of the bag, kissing it on the forehead, and wrapping it back up.


Closed-circuit television footage also caught the defendant walking around with a carrier bag which resembled the one in which the head was found. A post mortem report stated that the cause of death was "multiple impacts" to the head. DNA of the daughter was found on the mallet which is believed to be the murder weapon. After killing her mother, the woman then used a knife and scissors to cut her abdomen, decapitate her, and remove the brain.

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