In 2016 Harrouff “ate something bad,” new mental health evaluation delays trial

Austin Harrouff escorted out of a status hearing by Martin County Sheriff's deputies on March 5, 2020. [Image credit: Leah Voss TCPalm

By Karli Barnett | CBS Miami |


A forensic psychological evaluation report reveals disturbing insight into the mental state of the man accused of the horrific double murder of a Florida couple.


Authorities said Austin Harrouff, not only killed a Tequesta couple but bit the face of one of the victims.


Seeing demonic hallucinations, feeling like he was God, and believing he was half-dog, half-man were among the findings detailed in a psychological exam.


Harrouff, from Palm Beach County, was legally insane at the time, according to a forensic psychological exam.


The five-hour evaluation was done by Dr. Gregory Landrum, who was hired by the state.


Read the psychologist’s full report here.


In reviewing his mental condition at the time of the attack Landrum concluded the now 23-year-old Harrouff suffered “an acute psychotic episode” and that he “was unable to distinguish right from wrong.”


Harrouff is charged with murder and attempted murder after police say, in 2016, he brutally killed a couple with a machete outside of their home.


Authorities say he attempted to eat the man’s face and then and attacked a neighbor who tried to save them.


The just-released 11 pages of findings in the evaluation reveal bizarre, frightening, and dark delusions.


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