Three children dead, mother in grave condition

Conor (9), Carla (3) and Darragh (7) with their dad Andrew McGinley


A taxi driver reportedly found a woman wandering a Newcastle area street at about 7:30 Friday night and was concerned enough about her state and safety to drive her home.  By the time they reached her residence, she was reportedly in a state of collapse so the driver called for emergency services.


At about the same time her husband, Andrew McGinley returned home as well.


Emergency services arrived on scene at 7:45 and transported Deirdre Morley to a nearby hospital where she was initially listed as being in critical condition.  Her condition has since been upgraded to grave, and she is expected to survive.


Back at the home, reports indicate that there was a note, either on the front door or near it, which instructed 'don't go upstairs, call 999."


Inside the home, the couple's three children were found, unresponsive and unconscious without any signs of trauma.


Emergency services attended to them, but they were declared dead at the scene.


Investigators have yet to determine the cause of death for 9-year-old Conor, 7-year-old Darragh, and 3-year-old Clara.  They are awaiting the results of toxicology reports.


Investigators are still awaiting approval from the medical staff to be able to interview Morley, a nurse that was evidently on extended stress-related leave from  Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin.



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