The Search Continues


UPDATE:  Hampton Beach Virginia Police issued a press release concerning the arrest of Noah's mother, 34 year old Julia Leanna Tomlin.  She is charged with three counts of felony child neglect.


The press release states, "Unfortunately to date, Noah has not been found; however, based on the highly coordinated investigation we currently believe him to be deceased. Based on the investigation, we are intensifying our search efforts to find Noah with a more specific focus. As the investigation is on-going and in a critical phase, we are very limited in what information can be released."


2 year old Noah Tomlin has been missing now for the better part of a week.


He was last seen early Monday morning at about 1 am when his mother,  put him to bed.  When she went to check on him at 11 am, she reports that he was missing, and by 11:36, his disappearance had been reported.


Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult has stated that "We're turning over every stone.  We're looking at everything from the child walking off to the abduction scenario.  There's nothing we're not looking at."  To that end, the search effort began looking at a local landfill on Wednesday.  While they say that there was no specific evidence that led them there, they were back again on Thursday.

Since this case broke onto the national scene, reporters have been digging into the history of the family and uncovered that the mother of Noah had previously been convicted of child neglect.  Law enforcement, however, has stated that she is cooperating with the investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.


Despite a statement from an official for the Police Department yesterday that there was no new information to disseminate to the media and there was no foreseen briefings for a few days, it has now been announced that there will be a briefing this afternoon at about 4 pm, EST.


Police ask anyone with information to call Hampton Police at (757) 727-6111. Sult specifically noted that they would like any video or pictures taken in the area where the toddler disappeared between 1 a.m. Monday and today.



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