Saturday, July 20, 2024

2 thoughts on “The MESSAGE is Clear

  1. An excellent article – perhaps you should have named it “The MESSAGE is Crystal Clear”? The Globalists are doing a fine job in following Alice Bailey’s mandate to recruit the professing church into the agenda of the Theosophical Society. The leaven is spreading and the whole will soon be leavened. It’s imperative as disciples of Christ to steep themselves in the Word of GOD, not just in its study (which is uncommon these days) but in its application; the love of the truth, by the Spirit of truth, and love of JESUS (which is synonymous with love of the truth) will keep us from becoming cold due to the iniquity of this era abounding.
    One of the primary tactics of the enemy is to dilute the WORD of GOD with these paraphrases and ultra-modern translations. Weaning saints off of the truth of GOD’s Word.
    Let us not slumber or become listless – but vigilant and alert, ever wary of the subtlety of the enemy. The LORD bless you!!!

  2. I’d always avoided this “translation” like the plague. Funny you cited first, the first verse I’m aware I’ve encountered from it, (reading Dr Lake’s The Sheeriyth Imparative). Thank you for another well written article that covers the matter so concisely. That last quote is the nail in the coffin.

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