Teens Arrested for Double Murder in Brazil

Fabiana Santana, 23, was eight months pregnant when killed by her 13 year old sister.

A 13 year old girl and a 15 year old acquaintance have been arrested for the murder of her 23 year old sister and 7 year old nephew.


The girl is accused of beating her sister, who was eight months pregnant at the time, with an iron bar before repeatedly stabbing her.  She is then said to have cut open her womb and to have taken the baby.  At some point in the process, the girl's seven year old nephew, Gustavo, is said to have intervened in an attempt to save his mother.


35 year old Catia Rabelo, mother of the 15 year old boy, is said to have been the mastermind behind the plot.  She had allegedly been faking a pregnancy in order to try and get her prospector boyfriend to marry her and needed a baby.  She has allegedly confessed to inciting the teens.


The 3.9 pound infant was found in the care of the 15 year old boy and has been transported to the hospital for care.  The baby is reported to be in good health in spite of everything.


While talking with police, the 13 year old girl is said to have stated that the attack was in retaliation for abuse she had suffered at the hands of her sister's husband coupled with her sister not believing her claims.


“The girl made a separate claim that she committed the crimes out of revenge because she was sexually abused by her sister’s husband and ill-treated by Fabiana who didn’t believe her stories," Police chief, Leisaloma Carvalho said.


Police are working to verify the claims now, as a part of their investigation.


Gustavo was found in a man-made lake on the 20th of October.  It is reported that the 13 year old admitted that she threw Gustavo into the lake, knowing that he could not swim, and then stoned him until he died.


Even veteran police were disturbed by this case as not only where there clear indicators that it was premeditated, but when speaking with the police, the girl also showed no signs of emotion and no remorse.


His mother was found the following day in a shallow grave inside of a clay quarry.  Disturbing autopsy findings reported on the 25th that Santana may have still been alive while her baby was cut from her body.


Both teenagers are scheduled to undergo psychological evaluations.