Teen finds human skull in Pennsylvania retention pond

Berks County, Pennsylvania: 13-year-old Dylan Bond was visiting family over the weekend when he and his cousins decided to go to a retention pond on Pine Lane to look for fish and turtles. Instead, the teen uncovered a human skull.


"We were in the pond with boots on," Dylan was quoted as saying to WFMZ. "I was just walking around, the water was pretty murky because of everyone walking around."


"I came across something on my toe, I look down and I couldn't see it. I scooped it up with a stick. At first, I thought turtle. But then I thought 'oh my gosh it might be an actual human skull," Dylan said.


Dylan commented that after the find, "I was freaked out."


Amity Township Police Chief Jeffrey Smith told media that the coroner's office had confirmed that the find was in fact a human skull.


The Keystone Dive team was called into the retention pond to look for further evidence connected to the find but was reportedly unable to locate anything further.


Berks County District Attorney John Adams  said that his office is looking into the possibility that the skull could be related to a cold case.


At this time, the skull is in the hands of a forensic pathologist that is working to conduct DNA testing to determine the identity of the deceased individual.


"We are going to pursue every avenue that's available," Adams said.


Anyone with information that they believe may be relevant to the case is asked to contact the Berks County Prosecutor's Office. They can be reached at (610) 478-6000 or by email at da@countyofberks.com.