School district apologizes for after school drag show

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: The Hempfield School District posted a "Message to the Community" on their website apologizing for an after school event that took place on campus on Monday, April 25, 2022.


That event was organized by the school's French teacher, Kelly Tyson, faculty advisor for the school's Genders Sexualities Alliance (GSA). Tyson has now been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation according to the school district.


"We are taking the incident seriously in our ongoing investigation and follow-up actions," the district said in their statement. "It is important to the district administrators that the district has the trust and confidence of the community, and we realize that an incident such as this completely undermines that trust. We commit to completing a thorough investigation and holding those involved accountable, up to and including disciplinary action that is commensurate with any findings."


The event in question blew up on social media after Libs of TikTok posted a 41 second clip featuring four drag queens, described as professional "dancers in tight-fitting and revealing clothing with exposed buttocks" according to Harrisburg100 who first broke the story locally.


Republican State Senator Ryan Aument became involved in the conversation after he spoke to the school district and shared their statement on Twitter. One parent responded to his tweet by saying, "This is the third year they've held this event, and it was advertised in the morning announcements. Don't let the teacher who hosted take the fall for this (alone). The administration and others were aware/involved."


Libs of TikTok confirmed the parent's statements when they shared a screenshot of a post that Tyson had written expressing joy over the event.

In their coverage of the event, Harrisburg100 was sure to include information concerning the next scheduled Hempfield School District board meeting for concerned local parents.


Stating that this is a "personnel issue" the school district stated that "there will be certain information that the district is unable to share with the public" and asked that while the investigation is being conducted, that "individuals refrain from speculation and furthering currently circulating misinformation that can get in the way of a through and accurate investigation."


It is unclear what the alleged misinformation is.