Teen Charged With Animal Cruelty After Killing Grandmother’s Dog

Kyoko Smith, 18, of Memphis, Tennessee.

Police were called to a south Memphis residence on Wednesday, November 13th, just a week after Kyoko Smith turned 18 on a report that she had killed and dismembered her grandmother's Shih-Tzu, Lucy.


According to reports, Smith is said to have decapitated the dog on November 11th and placed its head into her dresser and its heart in the freezer.


She sent images, allegedly, to her mother who then forwarded them to another family member that reported Smith's actions to police.


Smith is said to have admitted to killing the dog.


She appeared before Judge William Anderson and was charged with killing an animal, a class E felony.  Her bond was set at $5,000 and her next court date was set for December 9th.


One of the conditions of her bond established by the court is that she seek counseling.  When she appears before the Judge again, she will be required to show evidence that she is seeking help.


Police have yet to establish a motive.