Teen charged as adult for rape of underage girlfriend

Grovetown, Georgia: 17-year-old Kain Harris Lord has been charged as an adult with rape and aggravated battery for an event that reportedly happened on July 9, 2021.


On September 21 the mother of the victim reportedly found a note discussing the sexual assault and reported it to law enforcement.


According to the arrest warrant Lord is accused of binding the hands and feet of the girl and assaulting her "forcibly and against her will." At some point during the assault he is additionally accused of using a box cutter to cut his name into two locations on her body resulting in blood loss and scarring.


According to court records a bond request was denied on November 19. WRDW reports that he was taken to the Columbia County Detention Center but his name does not appear in their online records.


Lord turned 17 on November 29.