Teen Assault Victim Found in Closet in Michigan

Tiffany Shepherd, 27, of Lexington, Kentucky.

In August of last year, Tiffany Shepherd was arrested in Kentucky and charged with two counts each of first-degree sexual abuse and third-degree sodomy with a minor.  She posted $7,500.00 bail in that case, and was ordered by the judge to have no further contact with the minor victim.


Now, Shepherd, 27, has been arrested in Michigan, and the same minor was found hiding in her closet according to Bangor police.


Shepherd and the teen are said to have left Kentucky in a rented U-Haul earlier this month and traveled to Michigan stopping several times along the way.  It was only recently, after a nationwide warrant for Sherpherd's arrest went out, that Bangor police received a tip that she was staying with family in the area.


“I knew who they were talking about (the relatives). I knew where they lived,” said Bangor Police Chief Tommy Simpson.


Police showed up to the apartment on Tuesday evening and got permission to enter.  Once inside, they located the teen in the closet of the bedroom Shepherd was in.  Police state they had been living in the apartment for about a week, and stated that they "discovered sexual conduct going on here as well."


During her arraignment Wednesday, Van Buren County Chief Assistant Public Defender Lesley Kranenberg asked the judge for leniency in her bail as Shepherd had family in the area and was employed both of which allegedly indicated that she was not a flight risk.  The prosecutor felt differently.


“She’s an extremely high flight risk,” Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Jay Blair said. “She’s facing charges in Kentucky, took a child out of Kentucky and brought her to Michigan. She told police she was aware of charges in Kentucky and that’s why she left.”


The judge saw fit to set her bail at $250,000.00.


She is charged with kidnapping and  third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor, and her next court date is scheduled for October 30th.


The girl was said to have been turned over to Van Buren Juvenile Court.