“If it was an accident, then I would have called 911 and not just let him die.”

Melissa Rose Turner, 26, of Riverview, Florida.

When Melissa Rose Turner called 911 at 8:45 the morning of October 18th, she initially told the dispatcher that she had found her boyfriend's bloodied body on their back patio and she had tried CPR, but didn't know what had happened.


After she started speaking with police though, the story changed, and police were able to recover surveillance recordings that revealed the truth.


Turner told police that her boyfriend, 25 year old Matthew Trussler had returned home at 4 am drunk, and armed with a knife.  She stated that she was awoken by him which angered her, and that her hand had been cut when she tried to take the knife from him.  From there, “things escalated” during the ensuing fight, and she waited four hours to call 911.


After her hand was cut, Turner alleges that Trussler scratched her neck and then threw her across a kitchen counter.  The neighbor's surveillance camera recorded the audio of their fight as it raged on at 4:31 when a woman can be heard saying, "You stay down."


According to the arrest report, the sound of glass breaking is then heard, followed about 45 seconds later by the female voice saying,  "So f-----g die."


Over the next few minutes, the recording is said to have captured the female stating, "I hate you," and then repeating "Get up," a number of times.  What the police speculate is a slapping sound can be heard and what could be a male's voice though they were unable to determine what may have been said.


At 4:44 on the recording, a woman's voice is heard yelling, "No!" before what police say sounded like “What did I do?”


“If it was an accident, then I would have called 911 and not just let him die,” Turner is said to have told detectives.


Investigators noted a defensive wound on Trussler’s right forearm and a large cut to his right bicep.  They noted smaller cuts to his shoulder and chest and a deep wound, consistent with a stabbing, located in the middle of his back.


Turner has been booked into the Hillsborough County Jail on a charge of second degree murder with a weapon and is being held without bond.