Teen Arrested For Solicitation of Murder

Wednesday morning administrators notified the Success Academy at the Ghazvini Learning Center school resource officer aware that a 15 year old student was attempting to arrange for the murder of a fellow student at the school.


Trevion Dupree* was in the administrative office of the school for a separate issue when an administrator caught the words "kill her" on his cell phone.  He had been messaging a 14 year old girl at another school through a private messenger on social media.


Leon County Sheriff’s Office detectives were called to the school to speak with Dupree.  He told them that he had been speaking with the intended victim, a 14 year old girl, and she had made disparaging remarks about his deceased brother.  Angered by the comments, he reached out to the 14 year old at another school on the 19th and supplied her with a photo and address for his intended victim stating, “shoot her house up I want her dead.”


The morning of the 20th, after he realized the intended victim was still at school he messaged the other girl again asking, “Y u didn’t handle it.” The girl replied that she “couldn’t find a ride.”  Dupree then instructed her to “send someone to do it….I don’t want her here anymore I want her dead or (expletive) up."


When officers spoke to the girl at the other school, she told them that she had no intention of following his instructions and that she felt as though Dupree wanted her to carry through with the request.


Officers also spoke with the intended victim.  She told them that she knew Dupree, but did not know why he would wish her dead.


Dupree was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center on a charge of Solicitation to Commit Capital Felony (Murder).


*While the names of minors are generally protected, his name has been made public due to the severity of the crime he's charged with.