71 Year Old Arrested For Attempted Murder of Her Husband

Pecola Duncan, 71, of Clinton, Tennessee.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to the residence of Harold and Pecola Duncan on Friday evening.


As they arrived at the residence, Harold, 66, was seen exiting the residence with a blood soaked towel clutched to his chest.  He told Deputy Kory Blevins that his wife had stabbed him in the chest while he was napping in the recliner.


Due to the nature of the wound and blood loss he had already suffered, he was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center with injuries that appeared to be life threatening.


Inside the residence, officers made contact with Pecola, 71, who was described by officers as being in a "cheerful mood" and "unfazed" by the events of the evening.


She told officers that she had stabbed her husband after he had attacked her and drug her down the hallway.  Officers noted that there were no signs of a fight in the home, and no marks on Pecola to indicate a physical struggle.


Officers reported that she led them to the kitchen where the knife that she had used was located.


They additionally reported that just prior to them transporting her to jail, she inquired as to whether or not her husband had died.  Before the officers could respond, she continued with, "I hope he did."


Pecola is in the Anderson County Detention Facility on a charge of attempted murder.  She is being held without bond.