School board president resigns after video is released showing him attempting to meet an 11 year old

Goshen, Ohio: John Gray was serving as president in his fifth term on the Goshen Board of Education when he resigned Sunday, April 24 following the release of a video by Predator Catchers Muncie.


The group initially live streamed the confrontation on Facebook and later uploaded the video to their YouTube page.


Superintendent of Goshen Local Schools Darrell Edwards issued a statement saying, "A video posted Saturday evening on YouTube shows John Gray, Goshen Local Schools board president, being handcuffed by law enforcement in Indiana. The content of the video is deeply disturbing to our entire school district and Goshen Local School community."


After confirming his resignation from the board, the statement continued.


"To be clear, Saturday's incident occurred outside of the Goshen Local School district. Our district leaders will be consulting with legal counsel and should more information become available, we will communicate it to our families immediately."


Edwards declined commenting further on the matter citing the ongoing investigation.


Predator Catchers likewise declined to comment to the Cincinnati Enquirer due to the ongoing investigation.


According to the Enquirer, Farmland Police referred them to the Randolph County Sheriff's Office for further inquiries on the investigation. Gray does not show in the list of recent arrests.


According to WCPO, Goshen Police disclosed that Gray was taken to the hospital for a psychological evaluation on Sunday. No further information was provided.


In the videos, Gray showed up at a Dollar General after 10:00 pm believing that he was going to meet an 11-year-old girl named "Taylor."


A woman in the video is seen speaking with Gray. "I'm not a police officer. I'm Taylor's mom, okay? And I want to have a conversation about what you've been talking with about my daughter."


At that point, Gray spends approximately 30 minutes trying to explain himself.


"I told her, 'You're a minor. We're not doing any sexual relations,'" he is seen saying in the video.


One of the members of PCM responds to him asking, "We didn't say you were here for sexual things. You said that. Why did you say that?"


By the end of the confrontation, however, Gray admits that he had desired to cuddle with the child on the couch and make out following bathing her in a bubble bath and providing a massage.


In a post on Facebook concerning Gray's resignation, PCM encouraged parents to "have these talks with your children" and to "always check your kid's devices."