Prosecutors Say Ogden Couple Chained Child to Bed and Starved Her

Trev Jordan Tutt, 33, and Kimberly Marie Tutt, 35, of Ogden, Utah.


Friday August 30th, Trev Tutt, 33, and Kimberly Tutt, 35, of Ogden, Utah were charged with child abuse.  Kimberly faces an additional aggravated assault charge.


Court documents detail allegations made by the 15 year old daughter in statements made to police.  While both Trev and Kimberly deny abusing her, they did admit that they gave her more "discipline" than the other children in the home.


According to a probable cause statement, the girl relayed that recently, she had been chained to a motel bed and forced to lie under the bed for about 12 hours where she had only about 7 inches of clearance.  While she was allowed out to use the restroom, she was “physically forced” back under the bed by her parents.  This was not the first time though, that the girl says she was chained to a bed.  This has been occurring, she said, since she was in 7th grade.


Additionally, the girl relayed to authorities that over the course of four days, she ate one cheeseburger, two pancakes, and one small egg roll.  Two of those four days she said that water was also withheld from her.  While her parents confirmed that they withheld food from the girl as "discipline," they attested that she was not being starved.  Documents though, show that the police state that the girl seems small for her age, “suggesting stunted growth.”


The additional aggravated assault charge that Kimberly faces stems from an allegation made by the girl that her mother had hit her on the head with a hammer and a wrench within the last year.


They are currently both in custody of the Weber County Jail and their first court date has not yet been disclosed.



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