Online Predator Sting Catches Former Sheriff’s Deputy With Gloves, Knife, and Zip Ties in Vehicle

Cullen Jones, 45, of Okemah, Oklahoma.

Thursday July 18th, Cullen Jones, 45, from Okemah, Oklahoma, and former employee of Pushmataha County Sheiff's Office, drove nearly two hours to Canadian County to meet what he believed was a 14 year old girl that he had met online.  Instead of a teenage girl, Jones was met by two Deputies and was quickly arrested.

Inside of his vehicle the deputies located a pair of gloves, a knife and zip ties.


“During the conversation, it went downhill quick, talking about various sexual acts,” Capt. Adam Flowers, with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, said. “Things that go to 50 Shades of Gray-type, like bondage. You know it, he was wanting to do it.”  Captain Flowers went on to say “He also wanted to film and video everything.  He wanted to take photos and have me pose in different ways. He was very dominant in this type of conversation and the sexual acts he wanted.”


In a statement on the department's Facebook page, Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said, ”I have no reason to believe this wasn’t Jones‘s first time, and believe there could quite possibly be real live victims out there."