Omicron SARS-CoV-2

November 18 set off a  wave of COVID patients allegedly pouring into doctor’s offices all across South Africa complaining of “extremely mild” symptoms. According to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association, “It actually started with a male patient who’s around the age of 33….”  (Just had to get that 33 in there, didn’t they?!)


This COVID variant with “extremely mild” symptoms (read: “a bit of a headache and a scratchy throat”) is apparently serious enough to warrant a name change from B.1.1.529 to (queue gothic Bela Lugosi organ music here)…the Omicron Variant!

Egad! If only there were a cure!


Move Along–Nothing Here to See!!!


Now, here’s where it gets fun. Omicron is, as most of you know, the 15th letter of the Greek alphabet. (Not to be confused with the 24th letter, the Omega). But what you may not know is that in the system of Greek numerals, Omicron has a value of 70.

I’ll give everyone a moment to secure their tin foil hats….

What do most of us traveling in these circles of information typically think of when they hear the number 70? Nimrod and the table of nations, right?

“The haggadic assumption that there are seventy nations and languages in the world is based upon the ethnological table given in Gen. 10-11, where seventy grandsons of Noah are enumerated, each of whom became the ancestor of a nation. These are the primordial nations, sometimes referred to as the “seventy tongues,” representing all humanity. The Talmud (BT Sukkah 55:B) teaches that the seventy bulls that were offered in the Holy Temple during the Feast of Tabernacles served as atonement for the seventy nations of the world. Truly, as the rabbis observed, “if the nations of the world had only known how much they needed the Temple, they would have surrounded it with armed fortresses to protect it” (Bamidbar Rabbah 1, 3).”

Whether there are 70 nations, 71, 72, or ten thousand, the fact is, they like the number 70 because of its assumed affiliation with Nimrod. The elites and their little secret societies and clubs all have their roots sunk deep into the soils of the ancient dragon courts, ring lord fellowships, and blood drinking cults that trace their doctrinal lineages back to the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and Mesopotamians.

I suppose that they think calling this latest COVID variant omicron is extremely clever. A hat tip to the 70-nations-strong Beast System they plan to impose upon us miserable mouth breathers. And, in reality, it does have a much more occultic ring to it than, say, the “We love Nimrod” variant. I guess when you run the world (or in this case the World Health Organization) you get to come up with your own cheesy Marvel Comic-esque virus names.


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12/8/2021 UPDATE: “The ‘omicron variant’ is simply vaccine injury.”  (John O’Looney, funeral director out of Milton Keynes Funeral Services, England). In other words, the so-called “omicron variant” is likely just the common cold, which due to auto-immune deterioration brought on by the clot shots, are becoming fatal. Click HERE to read more. You can also view a clip of John O’Looney breaking it down on this morning’s broadcast of the Through the Black show (3:18 – 10:00).

12/27/2021 UPDATE Interesting podcast interview between Mike Adams (“The Health Ranger”) and James Martinez, contributing author to the book, “Operation Mind Control” explaining the use of the word “Omicron” as a trigger word to awaken mass hypnosis and mind control. Click HERE to listen to the interview.