Prosecutors seek death penalty for man accused of raping and killing 20-month-old

Daejeon, Korea: Prosecutors have requested the death penalty for a man identified at this time as simply a 29-year-old, surnamed Yang.


He is accused of raping his girlfriend's 20-month-old daughter on June 15, and then covering her with a blanket and 'punching and stomping on her' over the course of approximately an hour because she would not stop crying.


After the child died, Yang and his girlfriend, surname Jeong, 25, are accused of hiding her body in an ice box in the bathroom.


Prosecutors said he "committed an act that cannot be done even to animals and showed extreme contempt for life."


Should the death penalty not be awarded, prosecutors requested that he undergo 15 years of chemical castration, wear a tracking device for 45 years, and be banned from working with children for 10 years.


They additionally requested that his identity be revealed.


"The victim had her life ended at such an early age and cannot be brought back to life no matter what punishment the accused received," prosecutors said.


Prosecutors are requesting that Jeong be sentenced to five years in prison for concealing her daughter's body saying that she was also a victim of Yang, and in a mental state where she could not oppose his orders.


Sentencing will take place on December 22, 2021.