Ohio man claims ‘Holy Spirit’ said his adopted mom was the devil so he killed her

Marietta, Ohio: 34-year-old Lionel Justin Core is behind bars and has been charged in connection to the death of his adopted mother Diane Gore at her home in New Matamoras on November 5.


He is currently being held in the Northern Regional Jail by the Wetzel County Sheriff's Department in West Virginia. He has been charged there with a count of fleeing with reckless indifference after he reportedly struck two police cruisers in his attempt to flee.


Gore is accused of decapitating his mother and then setting a fire on Saturday, November 6 at approximately 6:00 pm.


According to the Marietta Times Gore was found by Stephanie Williams, Diane's sister, running from the residence on Cemetery Drive covered in blood. She told detectives that he had shouted at her, "get out of the way or I'll kill you next," before getting into a vehicle and leaving.


Citing the affidavit, Stephanie attempted to gain entry to the structure to locate her sister, but was deterred by a fire that was burning within.


A 6-year-old boy, Gore's nephew, witnessed some of the events and told officers that he had to leave the structure on his hands and knees due to the smoke.


He told detectives that he had seen Gore atop Diane sawing at her neck with a knife. Gore then stopped for a moment to retrieve a larger knife and finished the decapitation.


Once the Grandview Township Fire Department extinguished the flames, they discovered Diane's remains in what they believe was the master bedroom of the home, with her head next to her torso.


Officers with the Wetzel County Sheriff's Department in West Virginia located the vehicle Gore was driving and gave pursuit. According to reports, he struck two of their vehicles before being taken into custody.


He was taken to the Wetzel County Hospital for treatment, but was released the same day.


Detectives Sgt. Scott Smeeks and Lt. Bryan Lockhart spoke with Gore at the hospital. They stated that after reading him his Miranda Warning, Gore told them that he was adopted and that Diane was not his mother.


He reportedly didn't answer many questions initially and asked to be excised to the restroom. When he returned though, he told the detectives, "I cut her head off and set her on fire."


Gore is said to have further explained that the "Holy Spirit" told him to do it because she was the devil.


Washington County Prosecutor Nicole Coil indicated that Gore is "Likely looking at murder, arson, and child endangering charges." Additional charges are possible.


In 2010 Gore was indicted on three charges related to trafficking heroin. He took a plea deal which saw two of the charges dropped when he plead guilty to the third charge. He was sentenced to 12 months and 10 days  with three years of supervision. Additionally, his license was suspended for six months.


Chief Deputy Mark Warden with the Wetzel County Sheriff's Office indicated that there is a preliminary report indicating that Gore broke into a residence and kidnapped a girl while in the county. The date of this incident was not disclosed by the Marietta Times.

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