Off-duty Officer Filmed Himself Urinating On 12 Year Old

Solomon Nhiwatiwa, 34, of Euclid, Ohio.

A nearly five year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department has landed himself in jail facing a slew of charges related to events that some describe as "impossible to comprehend."


“These actions are impossible to comprehend,” said Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley. “My office will hold him accountable and ensure that he never holds the position of police officer again.”


The incident occurred Friday August 16th at 7:00 am as a 12 year old girl sat awaiting her school bus.  She said that a man in a blue BMW SUV pulled up to the curb and asked if she needed a ride to school.


According to a Euclid police report, Nhiwatiwa asked, "What are you doing?" The girl replied that she was waiting for the bus.  He then asked what school she attended.  She named it, and Nhiwatiwa asked, "Cal I take you there?"  The girl is said to have declined by saying, "No thanks."  It is said that he continued to try to engage in conversation with her, and she continued to "shut him down, tell him no -she didn't want to talk to him," said the prosecutor.


Nhiwatiwa pulled away eventually, but returned shortly thereafter, this time with his genitals exposed.  Using his cell phone to record himself, he stepped out of his vehicle and up to the girl and began urinating on her head.  When she yelled, "What is your problem?!" it is reported that he responded by asking, "What's wrong ...?" and used an expletive.


The girl told her mother who then called police.


An hour before her report came in, another call had been received by police reporting a suspicious blue SUV, complete with license plate number.  A neighbor had seen someone "looking into people's cars and acting strangely," so he took down the information, and called it in.


He turned himself in to the Euclid Police Department on Tuesday.  He is currently suspended without pay from the police force, and will remain so until this case is concluded.  The case is also being monitored by the force's Internal Affairs unit.  His charges are as follows:


  1. 1 count of attempted kidnapping (with sexual motivation specification)
  2. 1 count of pandering obscenity involving a minor
  3. 1 count of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles
  4. 1 count of endangering children
  5. 1 count of criminal child enticement
  6. 1 count of public indecency
  7. 1 count of assault
  8. 1 count of attempted interference with custody


He is scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment on Monday the 26th.


Adding to the oddity of this case, approximately 48 hours after Nhiwatiwa was booked into jail, his home was burglarized.  According to the police report, firearms, ammunition,  knives, a computer hard drive and flash drive, a cell phone and a computer tablet were among the items listed as being stolen.


A duffle bag containing some of the stolen items was recovered near the home, but it is not clear which items remain at large.