No prison for parents that kept teen in a cage

Alan, 58, and Aimee, 37, Friz of Huntingburg, Indiana.

Back on the morning of October 5, 2017, police were called to a residence in southern Indiana concerning a reported out of control juvenile.


When they arrived, police made contact with her parents and found the teenage girl in the garage.


According to WBIW, the girl told investigators that she had gotten into a scuffle with her grandfather after he had told her she was being disruptive by bouncing a ball in the house and took it from her.


When police spoke with Aimee, she told them that the girl had made threats against her and her unborn child.  Police offered to take the girl for evaluation, but she told them that they were seeking help for her on their own.


Regardless, authorities contacted the Division of Family and Children and a forensic interview was conducted with the teen that same day.  During that interview, she told investigators that she was locked in a cage at night, and at other times, described it, and detailed where they would find it in the home.


Once a search warrant was obtained, investigators returned to the home.


Police found a closet, approximately 4 feet by 8 feet that had been turned into a cage which could be locked with a padlock and chain.  Beside a mattress on the floor, there was a pan left for the girl to use as a restroom while she was confined.  The girl's name was seen over the entrance.


Alan was taken into custody after admitting to investigators that he and his wife would lock the girl away at night, allegedly because the girl had made threats against them.


When the Division of Family and Child Services arrived to take custody of the couple's other children, they found that Aimee had already fled with them.  She was later located in Saint Louis and ordered to return with her children.


Alan and Aimee were both charged with 11 counts of criminal confinement, 11 counts of neglect.  Alan was charged with an additional four counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.  All of the charges against them were felonies.


As a part of a plea deal on February 21st, both Alan and Aimee pleaded guilty to two counts each of neglect of a dependent, a misdemeanor, and the remaining charges against them have been dropped.


“It was a difficult decision to offer this plea, difficult as a prosecutor and for the law enforcement officers who worked hard to build a solid case against the Friz’s. Nevertheless, the case ultimately is about the victim. We felt continuing the trauma she has endured while this case has been pending, and by having to testify to a jury does not serve her best interests,” said Prosecuting Attorney Anthony Quinn. “ I hope the victim continues to thrive in her new environment and continues on the path of healing.”


As a result, Alan and Aimee have both been sentenced to 730 days behind bars.  718 of those days are suspended, and an additional 6 have been credited for time served.  Alan and Aimee will be on probation for two years, the first of which will be supervised.