Murder Suspect ‘Tired of Being Tormented’

Stephan Tufts, 27, of Richland Hills, Texas.


According to a warrant issued in Richland Hills, Texas for the arrest of 27 year old Stephan Tufts for the murder of his 73 year old roommate Paula Kennemer, one of the last text messages on her phone was received from Stephan's mother and read,  “Paula, he’s at the house and my boyfriend is taking him to the Crisis Center at Green Oaks where his Dr. is on staff,”


Tufts was arrested Sunday morning, October 13th for the stabbing death of Kennemer and her dog.  He was located by police at the Medical City Green Oaks Hospital in Dallas.


He is being held at the Tarrant County Jail on a charge of murder and animal cruelty.  His total bond is set at $165,000.


The death of Kennemer was discovered after a neighbor, that had spoken with her on Friday night was concerned when she would neither answer her phone, nor the door on Saturday.  She called for a welfare check after discovering her dog dead on the porch of the home.


Shortly before 9 pm on Saturday, police arrived to the residence and found Kennermer inside the home in her bedroom with obvious signs of injury.  Located near her was a bent bread knife and a butcher knife, according to the warrant.


Also located in the home were articles of clothing showing blood splatters within the room occupied by Tufts.


The neighbor recounted to authorities that he had spoken to Kennermer the previous night and she reported that her roommate had been acting strangely.  He recalled that she explained he would slam doors as he was entering and exiting his bedroom and would lie on the living room floor repeating that “he was tired of being tormented.”


Before the night was over, Tufts broke a window in his bedroom, crawled out the window and left the residence on foot.  The neighbor asked Kennermer if she wanted her to come over, but she declined.  Kennermer is said to have then locked up the house.


Eventually, Tufts returned and questioned Kennermer as to why she had locked him out.  She is said to have responded by asking him why he broke a window.  The neighbor, in speaking with Kennermer about his return stated that she wished to call the police.  Kennermer said though, that she was letting him calm down.



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