Mother Kept Three Children Isolated for Ten Years

Dina Azizova, 55, and her youngest daughter, Alina Aliev, 11. [Photo credit: Unilad UK]

Dina Azizova, 55, reportedly told her children that "the outside world is cruel" and would spoil them and that she alone would provide them what they needed.  She provided them with food and clothing, but they were only allowed outside of the home to the garden under supervision of an intimidating guard dog and watchful eye of the surveillance cameras she had put up around the property.


Neighbors reported that they had no idea that there were siblings confined to the property.  As far as they knew, the children had been living in Republic of Bashkortostan with an elder sister, Azizova's eldest daughter.


According to RT, that daughter had become involved with the wrong crowd when she was a teenager and ended up convicted of manslaughter.  Once she had completed her sentence, she had moved to the Republic of Bashkortostan.


On November 6th, Azizova contacted the local Ust-Katav police department to report that her three children, Darina, 20, Damir, 15, and Alina Aliev, 11, had been kidnapped.


Within hours, police located the three siblings at a nearby home of someone that Darina had met on social media when sneaking to use her phone without her mother's supervision.


"Morally, we just couldn't withstand staying indoors all the time and fearing that our mom would catch us with the smartphone," Darina explained.


Investigators were not expecting to hear though, that the children did not wish to return to the care of their concerned mother and that they had not been kidnapped but rather, voluntarily left.


The children explained that they had been kept confined in the home for the last 10 years, and had been instructed by their mother to lie to their father any time he called.  They explained being coached to tell of the good marks that they were making in schools and the plays that they participated in.


Investigators stated that while they children knew how to read and write, the level of their education was undeniably behind that of their peers.


When police contacted Azizova, she is reported to have told them, "If you want to put me in prison, you're free to do so, but I only wanted the best for my children."


The following day, neighbors called to report a fire at the residence.  Once the fire had burned itself out, they found Azizova inside, deceased.  Her manner of death was not disclosed.


The three siblings remain at a hospital under the care of a psychologist that is helping them to work through their ordeal.  It is not known yet, if they will go to live with their father, their elder sister, or if they will chose to remain in the home that had confined them for so long as it is now their inheritance.