Chemical Attack at Chinese Kindergarten Leaved 51 Students Injured

Photo: Handout

Chinese state media reported on Tuesday, November 12, that 51 children and three teachers had been injured in a chemical attack at a kindergarten in Kaiyuan in Yunnan Province.


Police detained a 23 year old man, surnamed Kong, about 40 minutes after he had cut some wires and climbed a wall onto the property of Dongcheng Kindergarten where he proceeded to spray sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda or lye, onto the students and faculty members.


The victims were taken to Kaiyuan People’s Hospital and PLA 926 Hospital for treatment of their injuries.  Two victims suffered serious burns, four had less serious burns, and the remaining 48 victims had minor injuries.


Initial reports state that the perceived motive was an act of "revenge at society" but the investigation is ongoing.