Mother Charged With Attempted Capitol Murder

Tracy Ann Wiggins, 31, of Stafford County, Virginia.


Saturday morning, a Virginia mother was arrested after a call came into the authorities about a woman experiencing a "mental health crisis."


It is unclear who initially called 911, but authorities were called to an apartment complex shortly before 8 am.  When they arrived, they made contact with a 9 year old and 4 year old that were at the apartment alone.


Neighbors reported hearing the police asking the children what kind of vehicle their mother drove.


Their mother, 31 year old Tracy Ann Wiggins, was found a short time later inside of her parked vehicle near a freeway on-ramp.  She was transported to Rappahannock Regional Jail and charged with two counts of attempted capitol murder.


It is reported that she had attempted to smother both children before leaving the apartment.  A spokesperson confirmed that the 9 year old was able to tell investigators what had happened before his mother left the apartment but didn't give much other information citing an ongoing investigation.


The father of the children was seen later in the day moving items out of the apartment for the children.  While he wasn't able to give details on what had happened earlier in the day, he did say the children were fine and had been relocated out of state to live with other family as he was in the military.



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