7 Year Old Boy Survives Being Stabbed 25 Times By Mother

[Photo Credit: Las Vegas Review Journal]

Editor's note:  Generally, if something is more than a few days old we will pass it over for something more recent.  Lord knows there is an abundance of dark, disgusting deeds to report on.  We are bringing this one to you, from the end of October though, due to what is revealed in the now released 911 call.  With the 911 call, the Henderson, Nevada Police Department has released the body camera footage of the officers that were at the scene.  Viewer Discretion is strongly advised for those that view past the call itself.


On Monday October 21st, a disturbing call came into 911 dispatchers.  In it, the dispatcher struggles to get a complete address from the woman on the phone and in the background, a child can be heard crying.  As the dispatcher tries to get either the full street address or the name of the apartment complex, the child can be heard shouting, "My mom is trying to kill me!"


"Yes, they're trying to kill each other," the mother can be heard stating on the recording, "they're making us do it."


As the dispatcher tries to get an understanding of the situation so she knows what needs dispatched, the child screams, "Please don't hurt me, please!  Don't hurt me!  Don't hurt me, please!"


The mother is then heard saying, "No, they're making me kill each oth...." as the line goes dead.

An attempt by the dispatcher to reestablish connection went immediately to voicemail.


Henderson police arrived at the apartment approximately 15 minutes later.  In the body cam footage of the lead officer, a clearly dazed boy is seen opening the door and exiting the apartment covered in blood.  The officer immediately places a call for medical for the boy before proceeding into the apartment to try and restrain the woman.


The mother, later identified as 37 year old Claudia Nadia Rodriguez, struggled with the officer attempting to restrain her saying initially that she needed to kill herself before telling the officer that he needed to kill her.


During the struggle, she pulled his holstered weapon.


Henderson Police stated that she managed to fire one round before the second officer fired twice.


Rodriguez was rushed to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center with a gunshot wound to the head where she died.  As a part of routine, both officers have been placed on administrative leave while the department investigates the shooting.


The boy, identified by the Las Vegas Review Journal as Winston Lee Xavier Brandon, was transported to University Medical Center where he underwent surgery for some of his 25 stab wounds.  He was reported as "doing good," by his father the following day.


Brandon was at the center of a custody battle in 2017 where his father asserted that Rodriguez "physically and mentally abused" Brandon and her other two children.  At the time of the stabbing, the parents had joint custody.


As a part of the ongoing investigation, the Henderson Police Department has released a transcript and audio from the 911 call as well as the footage from the body cameras worn by the responding officers on their YouTube channel.  Viewer discretion is advised.