Man pleads guilty for murdering grandmother is found not legally responsible due to mental illness

Janesville, Wisconsin: On Tuesday, January 4, 37-year-old Jamie Beggs entered a plea of guilty to the charge of first-degree intentional homicide for the killing of his grandmother, 97-year-old Kathleen Beggs, in June, 2021.


During the Zoom court appearance, Judge Barbara McCrory, in accordance with a plea deal that had been reached, found him not legally liable due to mental illness. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for 9:45 am on January 26.


According to the Wisconsin State Journal, prosecutors agreed with the findings that diagnosed Beggs with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.


He will likely be committed under the Department of Health Services.


Citing the criminal complaint filed against Beggs, Channel 3000 outlined that Kathleen's son arrived at her residence on June 14, 2021. Beggs had been living with her for a period of time.


When her son arrived, Beggs reportedly asked him if he was able to "see the demons."


Kathleen's son ultimately found his mother in the garage of the home under coats and blankets.


Sheriff's deputies arrived to the scene and found Beggs holding his head in both hands saying, "The demons are in my head. She couldn't take it."


When approached by deputies for the purpose of taking a DNA sample on the possibility of a charge of homicide, Beggs reportedly responded by telling them that the charge was "bogus."


"There's no homicide," he was quoted as saying. "It's a martyr man. She's a saint, man. She's a ***** saint. She's a saint now. She got ***** sainthood. I saved her ***** soul. Really? And you're going to charge me with murder?"


Before this arrest, Beggs is reported to have had 13 prior convictions including five for domestic violence.